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Automatic Inspection of Component Boards Using 3‐D and Greyscale Vision

D.J. Svetkoff, D.N. Smith, B.L. Doss

Recently great interest has developed for a high speed, flexible machine vision system which can accurately determine solder paste and component placement for both process…

Notes on the Effects of Metallisation of Surface Mounted Components on Soldering

R.J. Klein Wassink

Some characteristics of the metallisation of leadless ceramic components are discussed, such as dissolution, reliability of joints, intermetallic compound formations and…

Thermodynamics of Processing Copper Thick Film Systems in a Reactive Atmosphere

P. Palanisamy, D.H.R. Sarma

A major drawback of current copper thick‐film technology is the inefficient removal of the organic binder associated with the dielectric material in the low‐oxygen inert…

Inexpensive Substrates from Moulded Glass Powder for Thin Film Potentiometers

B. Herod, D. Lusniak‐Wojcicka

Manufacturing of thin film potentiometers involves using very special substrates, usually with complicated shapes and explicit dimensional tolerance. Commonly, such…

Silver‐glass Die Attachment—Adhesion Mechanisms with Gold and Chromium/Gold Backed Die

N.M. Davey, F.W. Wiese

Silver‐glass die attach materials represent a significant advance in silicon packaging technology and are expected to displace gold‐silicon eutectic bonding as the…

Temperature Behaviour of the Bowing of Multilayer Thick Film Substrates

I. Storbeck, G. Leitner

The bowing of thick film substrates, wholly covered with copper pastes of the Du Pont base metal system DP 9922 and 9924, with one, four and ten layers has been measured…

Surface Mount Design and Assembly for High Density Complex Modules

S. Anderson, J. St Jean

A packaging system has been developed using surface mounted components on ceramic substrates for conductive‐cooling applications. This has resulted in a high density, high…

Thermosonic Wire Bonding on Single‐layer Polymer Hybrid Integrated Circuits (POLYHICs)

R.L. Shook

A study was undertaken to evaluate the thermosonic gold‐wire bonding capability to Ti‐Pd‐Cu‐Ni‐Au thin film metallisation on newly developed polymer hybrid integrated…

A Review of Thin Film Resistors and their Assembly Problems

J.E. Hughes

This paper will be presented in two parts. Part 1, after an introduction to thin film resistor technology, gives a review of thin films and other resistors, followed by…

Thick Film High‐power Attenuators for Microwave Frequency Range

J. Fitt, J. Reimann, H. Thust

Microwave and thermal problems in manufacturing high‐power microwave attenuators are considered and some proposals of thick film solutions are presented. Theoretical…

Electrical Characterisation and Design of Multilayer Thick Film Circuit Boards for High Speed Digital Applications

G. Clatterbaugh, H.K. Charles

Numerical techniques and experimental methods for the electrical characterisation and design of large multilayer thick film circuit boards are discussed. The numerical…

Men, Methods and Machines in Microelectronics Packaging and Interconnection: Part I Ferro‐ECA Electronics Company, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA Ceramic Coated Metal Substrates (or Porcelain Enamelled Steel Substrates Revisited)

Nihal Sinnadurai

The once highly publicised Porcelain Enamelled Steel (PES) substrates seem to have disappeared from the public gaze, or have they? They certainly have not. If anything…

Du Pont Electronic Materials Division, Stevenage, England

A narration of the fascinating history of the Du Pont Company could almost fill volumes and it would be temptingly easy to utilise the journalistic cliché that here ‘space…

ISHM news

The ISHM‐Benelux Chapter will organise a one‐day conference at the Antwerp Crest Hotel, on Thursday 29 October 1987. The conference will be aimed at applications of hybrid…

Industry news

Mr Peter Knight has joined Balzers High Vacuum Ltd, Berkhamsted, as sales engineer, thin films. Responsible to thin films manager Jim Rees, he will handle all UK sales of…

New products

A new high precision reflow soldering/bonding machine, the Farco F‐130, ideal for automatically placing and accurately soldering surface mount devices such as flatpacks…

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