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Influence of selected factors on parameters of a cooling system with a Peltier module and forced air flow

Krzysztof Posobkiewicz, Krzysztof Górecki

The purpose of this study is to investigate the validation of the usefulness of cooling systems containing Peltier modules for cooling power devices based on measurements…

Preparation and characterization of doped LiZn0.92Cu0.08PO4 ceramic for microwave and millimeter-wave substrates

Beata Synkiewicz-Musialska, Dorota Szwagierczak, Jan Kulawik, Elżbieta Czerwińska

This paper aims to report on fabrication procedure and presents microstructure and dielectric behaviour of LiZn0.92Cu0.08PO4 ceramic material with Li2CO3 as a sintering aid.

Key techniques of ultra-low-power ADC and miniaturized RF transceiver circuits for 4G/LTE applications

Muhammad Yasir Faheem, Muhammad Basit Azeem, Abid Ali Minhas, Shun'an Zhong, Xinghua Wang

RF transceiver module is considered a vital part of any wireless communication system. This module consists of two important parts the RF transceiver and analog-to-digital…

Microstructure and properties of ZnO-Bi2O3-based varistor ceramics via flash sintering

Ming Jiang, Mengyang Shi, Jiamao Li, Juan Liu, Lei Zhang, Jian Qin, Yongtao Jiu, Bin Tang, Dong Xu

This paper aims to study the effects of MnO2 on the ZnO–Bi2O3-based varistor prepared via flash sintering (FS)

Surface quality prediction and lapping process optimisation on the fixed-abrasive lapping plate of sapphire wafers

Yanfu Wang, Xin Wang, Lifei Liu

Lapping is a vital flattening process to improve the quality of processed semiconductor wafers such as single-crystal sapphire wafers. This study aims to optimise the…


Influence of Ag particle shape on mechanical and thermal properties of TIM joints

Marcin Myśliwiec, Ryszard Kisiel, Mirosław J. Kruszewski

The purpose of this paper is to develop and test the thermal interface materials (TIM) for application in assembly of semiconductor chips to package. Good adhesion…

Two-step flash sintering of (Mg1/3Ta2/3)0.01Ti0.99O2 giant dielectric ceramics

Zhentao Wang, Pai Peng, Sujuan Zhong, Yafang Cheng, Dong Xu

The purpose of this paper on the one hand is to reduce the sintering temperature, shorten the sintering time and improve the electrical properties of the sample through…

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