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Effect of different temperature distribution on multi-stack BGA package

Lun Hao Tung, Fei Chong Ng, Aizat Abas, M.Z. Abdullah, Zambri Samsudin, Mohd Yusuf Tura Ali

This paper aims to determine the optimum set of temperatures through correlation study to attain the most effective capillary flow of underfill in a multi-stack ball grid…

A 1.8 V high-speed 8-bit hybrid DAC with integrated rail-to-rail buffer amplifier in CMOS 180 nm

Norhamizah Idros, Alia Rosli, Zulfiqar Ali Abdul Aziz, Jagadheswaran Rajendran, Arjuna Marzuki

The purpose of this paper is to present the performance of an 8-bit hybrid DAC which is suitable for wireless application or part of a built-in test block for ADC. The…

Adapting M2 silicon half-wafers processing on industrial-scale equipment dedicated to 4″ solar technology

Messaoud Boumaour, Salim Kermadi, Samira Sali, Abdelkader El-Amrani, Salah Mezghiche, Lyes Zougar, Sarah Boulahdjel, Yvon Pellegrin

The purpose of this study is to address the issue of technology equipment formerly dedicated to the process of 4- and even 5-inch photovoltaic cells and whose use has…

Development and post-dicing wet release of MEMS magnetometer: an approach

Aditi, Supriyo Das, Ram Gopal

Si-based micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) magnetometer does not require specialized magnetic materials avoiding magnetic hysteresis, ease in fabrication and low…

A fully matched dual stage CMOS power amplifier with integrated passive linearizer attaining 23 db gain, 40% PAE and 28 DBM OIP3

Premmilaah Gunasegaran, Jagadheswaran Rajendran, Selvakumar Mariappan, Yusman Mohd Yusof, Zulfiqar Ali Abdul Aziz, Narendra Kumar

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new linearization technique known as the passive linearizer technique which does not affect the power added efficiency (PAE…

High-transconductance silicon carbide nanowire-based field-effect transistor (SiC-NWFET) for high-temperature applications

Habeeb Mousa, Kasif Teker

The purpose of this study is to present a systematic investigation of the effect of high temperatures on transport characteristics of nitrogen-doped silicon carbide…

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