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Intermetallics evolution and its reliability effects on micro-joints in flip chip assemblies

Ye Tian, Heng Fang, Ning Ren, Chao Qiu, Fan Chen, Suresh Sitaraman

This paper aims to assess precise correlations between intermetallic compounds (IMCs) microstructure evolutions and the reliability of micro-joints with a…


Synaptic plasticity of TiO2 nanowire transistor

Hongxia Qi, Ying Wu

The emulation of synapses is essential to neuromorphic computing systems. Despite remarkable progress has been made in the two-terminal device (memristor), three-terminal…

Data acquisition and processing circuit for high-temperature logging up to 200°C

Jingxuan Peng, Jingjing Cheng, Lei Wu, Qiong Li

This paper aims to study a high-temperature (up to 200 °C) data acquisition and processing circuit for logging.

Properties of glass/epoxy sandwich structure for electronic boards

Alena Pietrikova, Tomas Lenger, Olga Fricova, Lubos Popovic, Lubomir Livovsky

This study aims to characterize a novel glass/epoxy architecture sandwich structure for electronic boards. Understanding the thermo-mechanical behavior of these composites…

MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensor with patterned thinning of diaphragm

Zoheir Kordrostami, Kourosh Hassanli, Amir Akbarian

The purpose of this study is to find a new design that can increase the sensitivity of the sensor without sacrificing the linearity. A novel and very efficient method for…

Integration of perovskite Pb[Zr0.35Ti0.65]O3/HfO2 ferroelectric-dielectric composite film on Si substrate

Prashant Singh, Rajesh Kumar Jha, Manish Goswami, B.R. Singh

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of high-k material HfO2 as a buffer layer for the fabrication of metal-ferroelectric-insulator-silicon (MFeIS…

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