Microelectronics International: Volume 34 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: IMAPS-CPMT 2016 Poland

Multilayer LTCC structures based on glass-cordierite layers with different porosity

Beata Synkiewicz, Dorota Szwagierczak, Jan Kulawik

The paper aims to report on fabrication procedure and present microstructure and dielectric behavior of multilayer porous low-temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) structures…


Electrical and microstructural characterization of doped ZnO based multilayer varistors

Jan Kulawik, Dorota Szwagierczak, Agata Skwarek

The purpose of this study was to develop fabrication procedure of multilayer varistors based on doped ZnO and to investigate their microstructure and electrical properties.

Design and integration of a piezoelectric vibrating device in an LTCC structure

Darko Belavič, Andraž Bradeško, Tomaz Kos, Tadej Rojac

In this contribution, the design and integration of a piezoelectric vibrating device into low-temperature, co-fired ceramic (LTCC) structures are presented and discussed…

Influence of firing profile on microstructural and dielectric properties of LTCC substrates

Alena Pietrikova, Tibor Rovensky, Juraj Durisin, Igor Vehec, Ondrej Kovac

The purpose of this paper is to analyse the influence of various firing profiles on microstructural and dielectric properties of low-temperature, co-fired ceramic (LTCC…

The design and fabrication of electromagnetic microgenerator with integrated rectifying circuits

Miroslaw Gracjan Gierczak, Jacek Wróblewski, Andrzej Dziedzic

The paper focuses on design, fabrication and characterization of electromagnetic microgenerators with integrated rectifying circuits to convert AC output signal to DC one…

New proposal to the electrical representation of a solid oxide fuel cell

Zbigniew Magonski, Barbara Dziurdzia

The aim of this paper is to find the electrical representation of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) that enables the application of typical exploitation characteristics of…

Spray-on glass solution for fabrication silicon solar cell emitter layer

Wojciech Filipowski, Edyta Wrobel, Kazimierz Drabczyk, Krzysztof Waczynski, Grazyna Kulesza-Matlak, Marek Lipinski

The main aim of this study was a preparation development of dopant solution (DS) which can be deposited by a spray-on method and subsequently allows obtaining the n…

Relationship between resistance, TCR and stabilization temperature of amorphous Ni-P alloy

Wojciech Filipowski, Zbigniew Pruszowski, Krzysztof Waczynski, Piotr Kowalik, Jan Kulawik

The paper aims to present a research on the impact of the stabilization process of a thin metallic layer (Ni-P) produced on a ceramic surface (Al2O3) by means of…

Modelling dynamic characteristics of the IGBT with thermal phenomena taken into account

Krzysztof Górecki, Paweł Górecki

This paper aims to propose the electrothermal dynamic model of the insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) for SPICE.

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