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Electrical and optical properties of aluminium doped zinc oxide transparent conducting oxide films prepared by dip coating technique

Libu Manjakkal, I. Packia Selvam, S.N. Potty, R.S. Shinde

Aluminium-doped zinc oxide thin films exhibit interesting optoelectronic properties, which make them suitable for fabrication of photovoltaic cell, flat panel display…

A review of the most important failure, reliability and nonlinearity aspects in the development of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)

Peyman Rafiee, Golta Khatibi, Michael Zehetbauer

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the major reliability issues of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) under mechanical and environmental loading…

High-speed Cherry Hooper flash analog-to-digital converter

Nicolaas Faure, Saurabh Sinha

The 60 GHz unlicensed band is being utilized for high-speed wireless networks with data rates in the gigabit range. To successfully make use of these high-speed signals in…

Hot-point probe measurements of N-type and P-type ZnO films

Benedict Wen-Cheun Au, Kah-Yoong Chan, Yew-Keong Sin, Zi-Neng Ng

This paper aims to develop a low-cost hot-point which can facilitate the conductivity type of N-type and P-type zinc oxide (ZnO) films. In this study, a diode was made out…

Fabrication and characterization of piezoelectric nanogenerator based on Al/ZnO/Au structure

Mubeen Zafar, Muhammad Naeem Awais, Muhammad Asif, Amir Razaq, Gul Amin

The purpose of this research work is to harvest energy using the piezoelectric properties of ZnO nanowires (NW). Fabrication and characterization of the piezoelectric…

Effects of nano-copper particles on the properties of Sn58Bi composite solder pastes

Hao Zhang, Yang Liu, Fenglian Sun, Gaofang Ban, Jiajie Fan

This paper aimed to investigate the effects of nano-copper particles on the melting behaviors, wettability and defect formation mechanism of the Sn58Bi composite solder pastes.

Improve electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products with multivariate parametric design

Chien-Yi Huang, Ching-Hsiang Chen

Differing from previous studies trying to solve the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issue by addressing single factor, this study aims to combine measures of…

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