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Thermal analysis of LED lamp with LTCC‐COB package

Chang Keun Lee, Jung Keun Ahn, Cheul Ro Lee, Daesuk Kim, Byung Joon Baek

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the thermal behaviors of high power LED packages to enhance the thermal performances of low temperature co‐fired ceramic chip…

Enhanced photovoltaic properties of solar cell based on ITO/PEDOT:PSS/ZnO:P3HT/Ag by an annealing treatment

Xinmin Wang, Chengqun Yu, Junxi Wu

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the influence of annealing treatment on the photovoltaic properties of the solar cell based on ITO/PEDOT:PSS/ZnO:P3HT/Ag.


Finite element analysis of thermal distributions of solder ball in flip chip ball grid array using ABAQUS

Yap Boon Kar, Noor Azrina Talik, Zaliman Sauli, Jean Siow Fei, Vithyacharan Retnasamy

The increased use recently of area‐array technology in electronic packaging has similarly increased the importance of predicting the thermal distribution of area‐array…

Ku‐band high power internally matched GaN HEMTs with 1.5 GHz bandwidth

Qin Ge, Xinyu Liu, Xiaojuan Chen, Weijun Luo, Guoguo Liu

The purpose of this paper is to report upon high power, internally matched GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) at Ku band with 1.5 GHz bandwidth, which employ a…

Electronic device integrated with LTCC temperature stabilizer

Dominik Jurków, Grzegorz Lis

The purpose of this paper is to present the application of low temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) technology in the fabrication of a novel electronic device, which…

Embedded passive device technology for wireless mobile devices

Sung Yi, Kyungo Kim, Dongwan Lee, Hongwon Kim, Taesung Jung

The purpose of this paper is to present the design and manufacture of embedded passive devices in organic substrates.

Microwave permittivity and permeability of MgxMn(0.9−x)Al0.1Zn0.8Fe1.2O4 thick films using superstrate method

P.B. Kashid, D.C. Kulkarni, V.G. Surve, Vijaya Puri

The purpose of this paper is to study thickness dependent variation in microwave properties of the MgxMn(0.9−x)Al0.1Zn0.8Fe1.2O4 (x=0.8, 0.9) thick films and enhancement…

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