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Silicon Substrates for Chip Interconnection

H. Reichl

Through the use of silicon‐on‐silicon packaging, VLSI chips can be interconnected by dense contacts and very fine conductor lines. Electrical and thermal properties…

Die Attach of Large Dice with Ag/Glass in Multilayer Packages

M.C. Loo, K. Su

Due to oxide formation at the die backside, excessive non‐wetting and voiding can occur especially for the larger die (100K sq. mil) by gold eutectic die attach. Such…

New U‐Cut Algorithmic Trimming for Lightning Protection

B. Lejeune

Large ohm film resistors that guard sensitive telecommunication devices against the hazards of lightning require a set of exacting characteristics for tolerance…

Hardness Measurements in a SEM as a Quality Test for Thin Films

H. Bangert, A. Kaminitschek, A. Wagendristel

Hardness testing using a SEM offers visual observation and measurement according to the hardness definition even for submicroscopic impressions. It can provide information…

ISHM's Education Program

R.L. Cadenhead, J.S. Prokop

An outline is given of the purpose and activities of the ISHM‐US Education Program. Guidelines for establishing and operating Student Chapters are provided, together with…

Substrate Bowing of Multilayer Thick Film Circuits

I. Storbeck, H. Balke, M. Wolf

The production of interconnection modules with an increasing number of layers leads to problems in the planarity of modules and therefore in the chip mounting process. The…

The Justification of 100% Conductor Testing for Improved Yields

R. Hammershøj

Automatic thickfilm conductor testing performed as a 100% test gives a number of advantages if used correctly and well adjusted to the real needs. Though improved yield in…

Measurement of the Tackiness of Solder Pastes

P.A. Ainsworth

Arising from discussions at the International Institute of Welding Solder Paste Committee, the influences of a number of testing variables on the tack strength of solder…

Noble Steel: A Suitable Substrate Material in Thick Film Technology?

M. Budweit

In various publications noble steel is mentioned as a possibility for use as a substrate in thick film technology processing. The possibility to cut, stencil and drill…

Surface Mounting Reliability

J.T. Lynch

A review is given of the reliability of the ceramic chip carrier when solder‐attached to alumina thick film substrates. It is shown that no degradation occurs during…

Atmospheric Corrosion Tests on Pd/Ag Thick Film Conductors

A.H.C. Hendriks

The influence of corrosive gases on the solderability of palladium/silver thick‐film conductors has been investigated. An experimental set‐up for atmospheric corrosion…

Advanced PWB Materials for Surface Mounted Devices in Aerospace Applications

G. Menozzi

Faced with LCCC growth and their widespread acceptance for military applications, Crouzet has planned a two‐way approach for SMDs with MLTF (multilayer thick film) hybrids…

Company profile

Lorna Cullen, Brian Waterfield

The success of a company can be measured by many different yardsticks. Criteria taken into consideration may include for instance the ability to innovate and to develop…

ISHM news

Brian Waterfield, G. Kersuzan, Boguslaw Herod

The Benelux chapter has made a habit of organising meetings with a scientific and commercial accent more or less alternately. This approach has proven to be successful in…

Industry news

Robert Hauser has been named President of Electro Materials Corporation of America (EMCA). He replaces George Lane who will remain as a consultant to EMCA. Mr Hauser has…

New products

The range of Ekra Screen Printers repeatedly offer accuracy of ±10 microns or better. Independent measurements using sophisticated optical microscopy have revealed table…

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