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The Characterisation of Novel PWB Substrate Materials for Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier Attachment

C.J. Brierley, D.J. Pedder, J.P. McCarthy

The problems associated with the direct attachment of leadless ceramic chip carriers (LCCCs) to conventional PWB structures subjected to ambient thermal and power (on/off…

A Thermal Model for Hybrid Circuits

G. Casselman, G. De Mey

The present paper describes a relaxation technique to calculate the two dimensional temperature distribution of a hybrid circuit made on a ceramic substrate. The method…

The Interaction Between Thick Film Conductors and Low Ohmic Resistors

M. Hrovat, F. Jan, D. Kolar

For thick film resistor materials with low sheet resistivity (less than 10 ohm/□) sheet resistivity increases with decreasing resistor length, when terminated with Pd…

The Measurement of the Solderability of Metallic Pads on Thick‐film Substrates

M.M.F. Verguld

A method for assessing the solderability of thick‐film substrates is described. An appropriate quantity of solder, with a soldering flux, is applied to the land to be…

Piezoresistive Properties of Thick‐film Resistors An Overview

M. Prudenziati, B. Morten

The paper gives a review of the present knowledge of the piezoresistive properties of thick‐film resistors (TFRs) and shows how they have been exploited for the…

Wetting, Leaching and Solder Adhesion of Copper Thick Film Conductors on Alumina and Multilayer Glasses

W. Leibfried

This paper outlines methods and results of wetting, leaching and adhesion analyses on copper thick film conductors over alumina and multilayer glasses after different…

Evaluation of Polyimide Thick Film High Temperature Polymeric Materials

S. Hanassab

This report discusses the physical, electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of polyimide conductive, resistive, and dielectric thick film compositions made for…

Bond Strengths of Inner and Outer Leads on TAB Devices

L.‐G. Liljestrand

Chips with 43 leads mounted on three layer tapes were outer lead bonded to different substrates. The substrate materials were ceramics with Cu thick film, glass fibre…

Thermal Management Evaluation of Large Size Thick Film Hybrids

R.T. Bilson, R.W. Allen, J.P. McCarthy, A.J. Stanley

Successive over‐relaxation methods have been applied to solutions of Poisson's equation for temperature distribution analysis of a number of metal reinforced and metal…

Optical Interconnections Between Integrated Circuit Chips

J.A. Neff

A major limitation to achieving significant speed increases in VLSI lies in the metallic interconnects. They are costly not only from the charge transport standpoint but…

Philosophy of Thick Film Materials Development

M.S. Setty

Thick film technology is increasingly used in hybrid microelectronic circuits throughout the world. It is entering areas of electronics hitherto dominated by other…

Company profile

Brian C. Waterfield, Lorna Cullen

The Batten and Allen story is a success story that follows the pattern of so many successful enterprises. The ingredients have to be first the people involved and their…

ISHM news

Nihal Sinnadurai, G. Kersuzan, B.S. Sonde, Boguslaw Herod, Brian C. Waterfield, J.B. Knowles, M.A. Stein

I was an invited speaker to the ISHM‐Benelux meeting. As I arrived early, I also sat in on the committee meeting as an observer. Jos B. Peeters was the outgoing president…

Special reports

The Deutscher Verband für Schweisstechnik (German Welding Society) made a very judicious and much appreciated choice of venue for its Third International Conference on…

Industry news

Technograph Microcircuits Ltd of Bracknell announce the appointment of S. K. Archer as Director and General Manager. Steve joins the company from Signal Technology until…

New products

DEK Printing Machines have developed a number of systems for printing solar cells. In the case of one system for installation in India, it was specified that the substrate…

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