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Thin Film Technology for Prototypes and Small Scale Production—Equipment Needed, Experimental Results, Applications

S. Nørlyng

This paper gives a popular introduction to thin film and some reasons for using this technology. The miniaturisation techniques at Brel & Kjaer are described and the…

Infra‐red Reflow for the Solder Attachment of Surface Mounted Devices

D.K. Flattery

Infra‐red ovens and furnaces have been in use in the microelectronics industry for a long time, but recent design advancements and process developments have provided the…

Future Trends and Developments in Circuit Technology

P.G. Barnwell

The effects and implications of current developments in interconnection technology on print and fire thick film hybrid manufacture are discussed. Particular emphasis is…

High Speed Thick Film Fuses

A.J. Marriage, B. McIntosh

The increasing use of small, expensive, complex electronic systems using VLSI chips has created the need to develop fail‐safe protection devices with a fast acting…

Drawbridging of Leadless Components

R.J. Klein Wassink, M.M.F. Verguld

Drawbridging or Stonehenge Effect of leadless components (i.e., the standing up on their end faces) has been investigated. An explanation is offered based on a…

Computerised Functional Tuning of Hybrid Integrated Active RC‐Filters

J.E. Karlskov Jensen

High‐performance active RC‐filters realised as a thick or thin‐film hybrid integrated circuit present special fabrication problems. Due to manufacturing tolerances of the…

Protective Thin Film Coatings by Plasma Polymerisation

R.K. Sadhir, H.E. Saunders

The paper describes the plasma polymerisation process for depositing ultrathin films. Such films, deposited from monomers containing hydrophobic elements such as…

Thick Film Platinum Temperature Sensors

Q.M. Reynolds, M.G. Norton

This paper describes the fabrication of integral screen printed platinum resistance elements. A detailed description is given of the techniques of element manufacture and…

Low Temperature Co‐fired Tape Dielectric Materials System for Multilayer Interconnections

J.I. Steinberg, S.J. Horowitz, R.J. Bacher

Modern complex integrated circuits require more input/output connections and operate at faster switching speeds and higher power levels than was the case before LSI and…

Experience with Trimming of Chip Resistors and how to Improve Trimming Results with CAD Simulation and Thick Film Process Control

R. Ronniger

High speed chip resistor trimming requires a more advanced technology than just passive network‐trimming. Some guidelines have to be observed to obtain a good approach to…

Power Transistor Chips on Heat Sink: Evaluation of Different Mounting Techniques

R. Rocchelli, A. Simonetta

Assembly techniques for power semiconductor devices destined for automotive applications are examined. Attention has been paid to materials or their combinations showing…

A Glimpse of India

Dr Setty reports from ISHM‐India, who had their first committee meeting on the 4th October 1985, that the Society is now off the ground and that the Symposium on Hybrid…


The visitor to Nice stepping from the relative cool of his aeroplane into a temperature of 37°C would be most likely to be on his way to the white pebble beach, perfumed…

Semiconductor Die Processing

It seems incredible that the microelectonics industry is obsessed by establishing itself in the overcrowded South East of England, where any journey by road is little…

ISHM news

On October 31st 1985, 48 members of the ISHM‐Benelux Chapter met at the Delft University of Technology for the Autumn 1985 meeting.

Industry news

After many very successful years as a researcher and manager at British Telecommunications Research Laboratories, Nihal Sinnadurai has moved over to consultancy with BPA…

New products

Vitramon now offers its complete range of multilayer chips with Nickel Barrier terminations to meet the needs of automatic soldering operations at high temperatures. The…

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