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RF equivalent circuit modeling of surface mounted components for PCB applications

Aleksandar B. Menićanin, Mirjana S. Damnjanović, Ljiljana D. Živanov

The appropriate selection of a testing method largely determines the accuracy of a measurement. Parasitic effects associated with test fixture demand a significant…

Influence of process parameters on the substrate heating in direct current plasma magnetron sputtering deposition process

Jegenathan Krishnasamy, Kah‐Yoong Chan, Teck‐Yong Tou

The purpose of this paper is to address the influence of deposition process parameters. The substrate heating mechanisms are also discussed.

Effect of bismuth oxide thick film overlay on microstrip patch antenna

S. Patil, Vijaya Puri

The purpose of this paper is to report the effect of bismuth oxide thick films of various thicknesses on the X band (8‐12 GHz) response of Ag thick film microstrip…

Creating screen‐printed passive components for microwave applications

Osvaldo J. Arenas, Emilie Leynia de la Jarrige, François Boone

The purpose of this paper is to share valuable information about low‐cost microwave circuit research with academic and industrial communities that work, or want to work…

Improved thermal stability of nitrogen annealed sputtered hafnium oxide thin films for VLSI technology

R.K. Nahar, Vikram Singh

High‐dielectric thin films are considered as future dielectric for Si based advanced integrated circuit technology and also for the development of organic thin film…

3D LED and IC wafer level packaging

John Lau, Ricky Lee, Matthew Yuen, Philip Chan

The purpose of this paper is to propose new 3D light emitting diodes (LED) and integrated circuits (IC) integration packages.


Experimental analysis of I‐V and C‐V characteristics of Ni/SiO2/4H‐SiC system with varying oxide thickness

Sanjeev K. Gupta, A. Azam, J. Akhtar

The purpose of this paper is to electrically examine the quality of thin thermally grown SiO2 with thickness variation, on Si‐face of 4H‐SiC <0001> (having 50 μm epitaxial…

The effects of threading dislocations and tensile strain in Ge/Si photodetector

Jian‐hong Yang, Ying Wei, Xue‐yuan Cai, Jin‐zhi Ran

The paper aims to investigate the influences of the tensile strain and the threading dislocations (TDs) in the germanium (Ge) epitaxial layer on the performance of the Ge…

The effect of porosity on the properties of silicon solar cell

Asmiet Ramizy, Wisam J. Aziz, Z. Hassan, Khalid Omar, K. Ibrahim

The purpose of this paper is to describe how fabricate solar cell based‐on porous silicon (PS) prepared by electrochemical etching process is fabricated and the effect of…

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