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Comparison of low cost, insulated aluminium substrates used as integrated heat sinks with conventional technology

E. Eisermann, K. Höll, W. Smetana, W. Tusler, M. Unger, J. Whitmarsh

The purpose of this paper is to describe two new thick film paste systems (one glass‐based and the other polymer‐based) for insulating aluminium substrates and allowing…

Fine and ultra‐fine pitch wire bonding: challenges and solutions

Z.W. Zhong

The purpose of this paper is to review recent advances in fine and ultra‐fine pitch wire bonding.

Ruthenium dioxide doped manganite‐based NTC thermistors for low‐resistance applications

Shweta Jagtap, Sunit Rane, Suresh Gosavi, Dinesh Amalnerkar

The purpose of this paper is to study the properties of disc type negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors based on the spinel system Mn‐Co‐Ni‐O with the doping…

Influence of solution acidity on composition, structure and electrical parameters of Ni‐P alloys

Z. Pruszowski, P. Kowalik, M. Cież, J. Kulawik

The purpose of this paper is to characterize electrical parameters of amorphous Ni‐P resistive layers used for fabrication of precise resistors.


Polymer‐metal nano‐composite films for thermal management

Björn Carlberg, Teng Wang, Johan Liu, Dongkai Shangguan

The purpose of this paper is to present a novel nanostructured polymer‐metal composite film providing continuous all‐metal thermally conductive pathways, intended to meet…

Comparison between models for p‐n junctions parameters extraction

G.C. Pesenti, H. Boudinov

The purpose of this paper is to compare different junctions' parameters extraction models.


Silicon Schottky barrier photodiodes with a thin AlN nucleation layer

L.S. Chuah, Z. Hassan, H. Abu Hassan, C.W. Chin, S.M. Thahab, S.C. Teoh

The purpose of this paper is to present the characteristics of novel silicon Schottky barrier (SB) photodiodes (PDs) with aluminium nitride (AlN) (100 nm) nucleation layer.

Electrical properties and electrical equivalent models of thick‐film and LTCC microcapacitors

Edward Miś, Andrzej Dziedzic, Karol Nitsch

A capacitor is a basic electronic passive component. Thick‐film technology allows manufacturing of capacitors covering the range of small and medium capacitances and they…

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