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Analysis of non‐ideal effects in coupled VLSI interconnects with active and passive load variations

Gargi Khanna, Rajeevan Chandel, Ashwani Kumar Chandel, Sankar Sarkar

The aim of this paper is to analyze the effects of aggressor‐line load variations (both active gate and passive capacitive loads) on the non‐ideal effects of a coupled…

Wire bonding using copper wire

Z.W. Zhong

This paper attempts to review recent advances in wire bonding using copper wire.


A simple rail‐to‐rail CMOS voltage follower

Varakorn Kasemsuwan, Weerachai Nakhlo

The paper aims to present a simple rail‐to‐rail CMOS voltage follower.

FPGA placement by using Hopfield neural network

Andrzej Kos, Zbigniew Nagórny

The aim of this work is to examine the Hopfield network for the field programmable gate array (FPGA) cell placement.

VDMOSFET reliability dependence on the integrated drain‐source junction

R. El Bitar, R. Habchi, C. Salame, A. Khoury, P. Mialhe, B. Nsouli

This work aims to investigate the modifications in a transistor behavior after hot carrier injection processes from the integrated junction.


A proposed SRAM cell for low power consumption during write operation

C.M.R. Prabhu, Ajay Kumar Singh

Low power static‐random access memories (SRAM) has become a critical component in modern VLSI systems. In cells, the bit‐lines are the most power consuming components…

Microwave dielectric and attenuation properties of Ni0.7‐xCoxZn0.3Fe2O4 thick films

M.K. Rendale, S.D. Kulkarni, Vijaya Puri

The aim of this paper is to investigate permittivity of nano structured Ni0.7‐xCoxZn0.3Fe2O4 thick films at microwave frequencies.

Low voltage four‐quadrant analog multiplier using dynamic threshold MOS transistors

Vandana Niranjan, Maneesha Gupta

Real‐time multiplication of two analog signals is one of the most important operations in analogue signal processing. Driven by low‐power and low‐voltage requirements for…


Analytical modeling for the estimation of leakage current and subthreshold swing factor of nanoscale double gate FinFET device

Balwinder Raj, A.K. Saxena, S. Dasgupta

The aim of this paper is to formulate the effect of the process variation on various leakage currents and subthreshold swing factor in FinFET devices. These variations…

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