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Low‐power wireless smart data acquisition system for monitoring pressure in medical application

K. Arshak, A. Arshak, E. Jafer, D. Waldern, J. Harris

To develop a wireless sensor micro‐systems containing all the components of data acquisition system, such as sensors, signal‐conditioning circuits, analog‐digital…


Electromagnetic band‐gap (EBG) structures using combined inductive and capacitive elements and chirping‐and‐tapering technique

Ming‐Sze Tong, Tae‐Gyu Chang, Ronan Sauleau

To perform studies and comparisons on the electromagnetic band‐gap (EBG) structures, which are constructed by using a combination of inductive and capacitive elements…

Silicon MOSFET devices electrical parameters evolution at high temperatures

C. Salame, R. Habchi

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the temperature failure effect on electronic components and their electrical parameters variation.


Thick and thin film microstripline properties due to polyaniline thin film overlay

B.B. Vhanakhande, S.V. Jadhav, Vijaya Puri

The purpose of this paper is to compare thick and thin film microstripline response to conducting overlay.

Edge direct tunneling current in nano‐scale MOSFET with high‐K dielectrics

Jian‐hong Yang, Gui‐fang Li, Hui‐lan Liu

Choosing suitable high‐K gate dielectrics to reduce the off‐state leakage (Ioff) by edge direct tunneling mechanism, demonstrating that the decreased Ioff increase…

Wire bond challenges in low‐k devices

Srikanth Narasimalu

Ultrafine feature sizes and high‐performance requirements have necessitated the integration of low‐k dielectrics with silicon‐level interconnects. These are mechanically…

Effects of scaling on the impact ionization and sub‐threshold current in submicron MOSFETs

Bhavana Jharia, S. Sarkar, R.P. Agarwal

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effects of scaling on the impact ionization and subthreshold current in submicron MOSFETs.

XPS and AFM investigations on silver‐based photoimageable thick film systems

Govind Umarji, Supriya Ketkar, Ranjit Hawaldar, Suresh Gosavi, Kashinath Patil, Uttam Mulik, Dinesh Amalnerkar

The purpose of this paper is to ascertain chemical changes occurring at various stages involved in processing of silver‐based photoimageable thick films; and to determine…

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