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Optimal process parameters design for a wire bonding of ultra‐thin CSP package based on hybrid methods of artificial intelligence

Yung‐Hsiang Hung

The aim of this research is to combine the Taguchi method and hybrid methods of artificial intelligence, to use them as the optimal tool in wire bond designing parameters…


Optimal wire sizing of buffered global interconnects

Min Tang, J.F. Mao, L.L. Jiang

This paper aims to obtain the optimal wire sizing of buffered global interconnects and to investigate the impact of weight factor on the optimized system performance for…

Recent advances in wire bonding, flip chip and lead‐free solder for advanced microelectronics packaging

Z.W. Zhong, T.Y. Tee, J‐E. Luan

This paper seeks to review recent advances in wire bonding, flip chip and lead‐free solder for advanced microelectronics packaging.


Studies on laser ablation of low temperature co‐fired ceramics (LTCC)

Winco K.C. Yung, Jijun Zhu

Low temperature co‐fired ceramics (LTCC) material is introduced as an excellent alternative to silicon, glass, or plastic materials for the fabrication of miniaturised…

A 3.5‐GHz, low voltage, current draining folded mixer in 0.18‐μm CMOS technology

Harikrishnan Ramiah, Tun Zainal Azni Zulkifli

This paper sets out to design and realize a highly linear, wide dynamic range and high switching efficiency integrated CMOS up‐conversion mixer for two‐step IEEE 802.1a…

Effect of line resistance and driver width on crosstalk in coupled VLSI interconnects

Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Sankar Sarkar, R.P. Agarwal, R.C. Joshi

This paper proposes to study the effect of line resistance and driver width on crosstalk noise for a CMOS gate driven inductively and capacitively coupled VLSI interconnects.

Thermal modeling of semiconductor devices in power modules

Kaiçar Ammous, Slim Abid, Anis Ammous

The paper aims to focus on the semiconductor temperature prediction in the multichip modules by using a simplified 1D model, easy to implement in the electronic simulation tools.

Ku band response of Ag thick film microstripline to NixZn1−xFe2O4 overlay

U.B. Lonkar, Vijaya Puri

This paper aims to study tuning effects on thick film microstripline due to ferrite thick film overlay.

Hot carrier injection in VDMOSFET for improvement of commutation process

R. El Bitar, C. Salame, P. Mialhe

The purpose of this work is to highlight the evolutions of the switching times parameters of commercial vertical diffuse metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors…

Thermal and thermo‐mechanical modelling of polymer overmoulded electronics

Farhad Sarvar, David C. Whalley, David A. Hutt, Paul J. Palmer, Nee Joo Teh

The encapsulation of electronic assemblies within thermoplastic polymers is an attractive technology for the protection of circuitry used in harsh environments, such as…

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