Microelectronics International: Volume 23 Issue 3


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Low power critical voltage transition logic

Y.H. Chan, C.C. Lim, K.T. Lau, S.H. Foo

To show new design methodology of low power circuit design (Low Power Critical Voltage Transition Logic – LPCVTL) over the conventional CVTL methodology. The comparison is…

Simulation of ideal grounded tunable inductor and its application in high quality multifunctional filter

T. Parveen, M.T. Ahmed

Aims to present a simple circuit for the realization of electronically tunable ideal grounded inductor, which consists of two current controlled conveyors along with a…

Volume air flow sensors based on NTC thick film segmented thermistors

S. Aleksić Obrad, Nikolić M. Pantelija, Paraskevopoulos M. Konstantinos

The aim of this paper is to investigate the behavior of a new nanometric particle NTC thermistor paste and thick films obtained by screen printing.

Repeater stage timing analysis for VLSI resistive interconnects

Rajeevan Chandel, S. Sarkar, R.P. Agarwal

In this paper output voltage waveform of CMOS repeater driven VLSI long interconnects is analysed, for deep submicron technologies. Ramp inputs are considered in the…

Optimization of a photo resists coating process for photolithography in wafer manufacturing via design of experiments method

Yung‐Kuang Yang

The investigation uses design of experiments (DOE) approach to determine the optimal parameters of photo resist (PR) coating process for photolithography in wafer manufacturing.

Thick‐film strain and temperature sensors on LTCC substrates

Marko Hrovat, Darko Belavič, Jaroslaw Kita, Janez Holc, Silvo Drnovšek, Jena Cilenšek, Leszek Golonka, Andrzej Dziedzic

Aims to evaluate different thick‐film materials for use in strain sensors and temperature sensors on low‐temperature co‐fired ceramic (LTCC) substrates.


Comparison of different structures of ferrite EMI suppressors

Mirjana Damnjanović, Goran Stojanović, Ljiljana Živanov, Vladan Desnica

Present 3D electromagnetic simulators have high accuracy, but they are time and memory expensive. Because of that, fast and simple expression for impedance is also…

Impact of technology on PLL power and frequency

Mohd‐Shahiman Sulaiman

This paper presents a prediction on the impact of technology scaling on phase‐locked loop (PLL) performance behaviour. Power and maximum operating frequency of an Analogue…

Crosstalk analysis and repeater insertion in crosstalk aware coupled VLSI interconnects

Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Sankar Sarkar, R.P. Agarwal, R.C. Joshi

To analyze factors affecting crosstalk and to study the effect of repeater insertion on crosstalk, power dissipation and propagation delay.

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