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A study of aluminium wire failure in automotive under‐hood applications

Sung Yi, Sang Kyoo Park, Kiat Choon Teo

To provide a design guideline for an automotive electronic module in order to improve its reliability in elevated environmental environments as well as in vibration environments.

Temperature dependence of silicon power MOSFETs switching parameters

R. Habchi, C. Salame, B. Nsouli, P. Mialhe

This paper presents measurements of device switching parameters performed on a commercial power MOSFET under high temperature conditions, along with the inverse and direct…

Voltage mode multifunction OTA‐C biquad filter

K. Kumar, K. Pal

To develop an OTA‐C‐based universal filter realizing all standard transfer functions viz low pass, high pass, band pass, notch and all pass without an inverting amplifier…

Low voltage CCII‐based high performance cascadable multifunctional filter

T. Parveen, S.S. Rajput, M.T. Ahmad

Aims to present a new low voltage CCII‐based high frequency performance voltage mode multifunctional filter, which can realize standard biquadratic low pass, band pass and…

Uprating of electronic parts to address obsolescence

Michael Pecht, Dave Humphrey

The paper presents an alternative solution to address part obsolescence. This paper discusses approaches to solve part obsolescence including an uprating approach. This…


Application of artificial intelligence for the determination of package parameters for a desired solder joint fatigue life

K.O. Lee, K.E. Ong, K.N. Seetharamu, I.A. Azid, G.A. Quadir, T.J. Goh

Aims to present a finite element analysis based methodology for estimating the characteristic fatigue life of a solder joint interconnect under accelerated temperature…

Impact of environmental regulations on green electronics manufacture

Richard Ciocci, Michael Pecht

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the electronic industry's reaction to environmental regulations specifically in terms of lead‐free solders and halogen‐free…

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