Microelectronics International: Volume 23 Issue 1


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Numerical analysis of PBG via structures using FDTD algorithm

Ming‐Sze Tong, Yinchao Chen, Yilong Lu, Hyeong‐Seok Kim, Tae‐Gyu Chang, Ronan Sauleau

To study the photonic band‐gap (PBG) characteristics constructed by periodic conducting vias on various guided transmission‐line structures.

Low voltage high performance CCII for analog signal processing applications

S.S. Rajput, S.S. Jamuar

To provide new structures and applications of CCII for analog signal processing.

Silicon‐on‐insulator lateral dual sidewall Schottky (SOI‐LDSS) concept for improved rectifier performance: a two‐dimensional simulation study

M. Jagadesh Kumar, C. Linga Reddy

To develop a silicon lateral Schottky rectifier with low forward voltage drop and low reverse leakage current while its breakdown voltage is significantly larger than that…

Thermal analysis of LED package

N. Aizar Abdul Karim, P.A. Aswatha Narayana, K.N. Seetharamu

To demonstrate thermal modeling technique for a through hole light emitting diode (LED) package using a commercial computational fluid dynamic (CFD) code and to improve…


Width optimization of global inductive VLSI interconnects

Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, S. Sarkar, R.P. Agarwal

The performance of a high‐speed chip is highly dependent on the interconnects, which connect different macro cells within a VLSI chip. Delay, power dissipation and…

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