Microelectronics International: Volume 22 Issue 2


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Thick/thin film thermocouples as power source for autonomous microsystems – preliminary results

P. Markowski, A. Dziedzic, E. Prociow

Possible application of mixed (thick/thin film) thermopiles to supply autonomous microsystems.

A 3D miniaturised programmable transceiver

Brendan O'Flynn, S. Bellis, K. Mahmood, M. Morris, G. Duffy, K. Delaney, C. O'Mathuna

To describe the development of a three dimensional programmable transceiver system of modular design for use as a development tool for a variety of wireless sensor node…

Properties of PZT thick films made on LTCC

L.J. Golonka, M. Buczek, M. Hrovat, D. Belavič, A. Dziedzic, H. Roguszczak, T. Zawada

To find properties of screen printed PZT (PbZr0.53Ti0.47O3 with 6 per cent of PbO and 2 per cent of Pb5Ge3O11) thick films layers on LTCC substrate.

Chip packaging challenges … a roadmap based overview

Andy Longford

To provide an insight and view of the expected directions for microelectronic packaging, at chip level, that ties in current developments to the needs envisaged by…


Reliability assessment for SnPb solder and Ag‐Pd bond pad metallization

Kiat Choon Teo, Yu Lin Ting

To predict the reliability life for SnPb solder and Ag‐Pd bond pad metallization. The aim of selected artificial aging using temperature shock test (TST) and high…


Delamination and solder flow‐out in underfilled and Pb‐free flip chips on laminate

Marc van Kleef, Jeroen Bielen, Jan Gülpen, Mike Ramos

In land grid array hybrid or system in package type products passive integration on silicon dies are flip chip mounted on a laminate substrate using Pb‐free solder. To…

A faster power MOSFET device with electrical stress treatment

C. Salame, R. Habchi, W. Tazibt, A. Khoury, P. Mialhe

The aim of this paper is to provide some specific information on the effects of DC voltage stress on the current, rise time (Tr) and fall time (Tf), at switching between…

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