Microelectronics International: Volume 22 Issue 1


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Realizing high‐voltage thin film lateral bipolar transistors on SOI with a collector‐tub

Sukhendu Deb Roy, M. Jagadesh Kumar

The main purpose of this paper is to find a simple method to improve the breakdown voltage of BJTs fabricated on SOI.

Optimization of fins used in electronic packaging

Kang Eu Ong, Kor Oon Lee, K.N. Seetharamu, I.A. Azid, G.A. Quadir, Z.A. Zainal, Teck Joo Goh

To find the optimal geometries of rectangular and cylindrical fins for maximum heat dissipation.


Study of avalanche breakdown (MI) mode in sub micron MOSFET device

A.K. Singh

To study the breakdown (MI) mechanism in the sub‐micron MOSFET device.

Size dependent leaf overlay effects on thin film microstrip patch antenna

Vijaya Puri, S.M. Salunkhe, M.M. Puranik

Use of thin film microstrip patch antenna for leaf moisture studies.

Geometrical and electrical properties of LTCC and thick‐film microresistors

Andrzej Dziedzic, Edward Mis, Lars Rebenklau, Klaus‐Jurgen Wolter

This paper aims to present systematic studies of a wide spectrum of geometrical and electrical properties of thick‐film and LTCC microresistors (with designed dimensions…

Thermal deformation analysis of BGA package by digital image correlation technique

J. Zhang, M. Li, C.Y. Xiong, J. Fang, S. Yi

The mismatch of the thermal expansion coefficients of the materials in multiplayer structure may induce serious stress concentrations in electronic packaging. Experimental…

Repeater insertion in global interconnects in VLSI circuits

Rajeevan Chandel, S. Sarkar, R.P. Agarwal

Delay and power dissipation are the two major design constraints in very large scale integration (VLSI) circuits. These arise due to millions of active devices and…

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