Microelectronics International: Volume 21 Issue 3


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A review of low‐power wireless sensor microsystems for biomedical capsule diagnosis

K. Arshak, E. Jafer, G. Lyons, D. Morris, O. Korostynska

The development of a sensor microsystems containing all the components of data acquisition system, such as sensors, signal‐conditioning circuits, analog‐digital converter…


Screen‐printed sensors with graphite electrodes – comparison of properties and physical method of sensitivity enhancement

Jan Krejčí, Jan Prášek, Lukáš Fujcik, Sameh Khatib, Edita Hejátková, Luboš Jakubka, Louisa Giannoudi

Screen‐printed electrodes are widely used in the construction of sensors. The use of graphite material is preferred due to its simple technological processing and low…

Thermal strain analysis of IC packages using various Moiré methods

Z.W. Zhong

This paper reports on thermal strain analysis of integrated circuit (IC) packages using the optical, atomic force microscope (AFM), and scanning electron microscope (SEM…

Thermal investigations of microelectronic chip with non‐uniform power distribution: temperature prediction and thermal placement design optimization

Teck Joo Goh, K.N. Seetharamu, G.A. Quadir, Z.A. Zainal, K. Jeevan Ganeshamoorthy

This paper presents the thermal analyses carried out to predict the temperature distribution of the silicon chip with non‐uniform power dissipation patterns and to…

Investigation of the fabrication parameters of thick film titanium oxide‐PVC pH electrodes using experimental designs

A. Gac, J.K. Atkinson, Z. Zhang, C.J. Sexton, S.M. Lewis, C.P. Please, Russell Sion

This paper describes a study into the development of an optimum fabrication process for the batch production of thick film titanium oxide‐PVC pH electrodes…

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