Microelectronics International: Volume 21 Issue 2


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The reliability assessment of flip chip components

C.Y. Huang

Flip chip technology involves the attachment of active side of the silicon chip onto printed circuit board or substrate. The interconnections are provided by solder bumps…

2D analysis of functional stress degradations on power VDMOS transistor

B. Beydoun, M. Zoaeter, A. Alaeddine, I. Rachidi, F. Bahsoun, J‐J. Charlot, J‐P. Charles

Modifications of physical and electrical properties of the vertical double‐diffused metal oxide semiconductor (VDMOS) transistor are observed on using the device under…

Increasing placement capacity with area based optimization and line balancing

Timo Liukkonen, Aulis Tuominen

Printed wiring board placement optimization of high‐speed placement machines in a high volume surface mount line was studied based on more careful analysis of the board…

Prediction of temperature in silicon chip with non‐uniform power: a Lagrangian interpolation approach

Teck Joo Goh, K.N. Seetharamu, G.A. Quadir, Z.A. Zainal, K. Jeevan

This paper describes a generalized method of predicting the temperature distribution of the silicon chip with non‐uniform power dissipation patterns using Lagrangian…

Characterization of copper pastes for end termination application of base metal electrode MLCCs

Masyood Akhtar, Rupendra M. Anklekar

The steep rise in the cost of palladium metal in the last decade has necessitated significant research and development efforts for using the base metal nickel electrodes…

Inspection of electronics packages using the efficient perception technique

Z.W. Zhong, Y. Jiang

When engineers choose and arrange proper lighting sources for an inspection system, many of them rely on their own experience or guesswork without any guidance of…

Fourier and wavelet transform analysis of moire fringe patterns in electronic packaging

C.Y. Xiong, J. Zhang, M. Li, J. Fang, S. Yi

In this paper, two transform methods, the Fourier transform (FT) and the wavelet transform (WT) methods, are utilized to process moiré fringes for the strain analysis of…

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