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Thermal diffusivity of NTC layers obtained with photoacoustic technique

O.A. Aleksić, P.M. Nikolić, D. Luković, K. Radulović, D. Vasiljević Radović, S. Savić

The thermal diffusivity of thick film NTC layers based on a metal oxide powder mixture was measured at room temperature by the photoacoustic (PA) technique. The powder…

Dual‐rail adiabatic pseudo domino logic with high throughput

K.T. Lau, B.W. Widjaja

A new dual‐rail adiabatic logic family is proposed in this paper. Modified dual‐rail improved adiabatic pseudo domino logic with high throughput (MDIAPDL‐HT) is an…

Thick film PN‐junctions based on mixed oxides of indium and silicon as gamma radiation sensors

Khalil Arshak, Olga Korostynska, John Henry

Indium oxide (In2O3) and silicon oxide (SiO) mixtures in the form of thick films pn‐junctions were investigated for gamma radiation dosimetry purposes. Polymer pastes of In…

Interpolation of numerically computed potential using finite element approach

Maqsood A. Chaudhry

Finite difference method (FDM) is a very useful and simple tool in determining electrical potential field of two‐dimensional geometries, such as integrated circuit (IC…

Thermal degradation of joined thick Au and Al elements

A. Bochenek, B. Bober, W. Hauffe, M. Lukaszewicz, E. Langer

Investigations were aimed at the evaluation of degradation mechanisms in ultrasonically welded joints of AlSi1 per cent wire (25 μm in diameter) and Au substrate (100 μm…

High frequency modelling approach of on‐chip interconnects considering conductor and substrate skin effects

H. Ymeri, B. Nauwelaers, K. Maex

Simple and accurate high frequency modelling approach of on‐chip interconnects on a lossy silicon substrate, that considers conductor and substrate skin effects, is…

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