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Dielectrophoretic mechanism for downward trimming of polymer resistors

Y. Srinivasa Rao, M. Satyam

The effect of high voltage pulses on the resistance of polymer thick film resistors (PTFR) is studied. It is found that the resistance decreases with both the amplitude…

Dual‐rail improved adiabatic pseudo‐domino logic with auxiliary clock: a low‐power partially‐adiabatic CMOS logic family

W.M. Tan, K.T. Lau

An improved structure for adiabatic pseudo‐domino logic (APDL) family is presented in this paper. The modified dual‐rail improved APDL (MDIAPDL) exhibits lower power…

Computing electrical potential in unbounded two‐dimensional regions

Maqsood A. Chaudhry, Roland Schinzinger

Finite difference and finite element methods have serious limitations when applied to unbounded regions. This paper describes a hybrid method which uses a conformal…

Defect evolutions with different temperature injections in MOSFETs

Jean‐Yves Rosaye, Pierre Mialhe, Jean‐Pierre Charles

The present experiments are intended to help characterize defects in very thin MOS oxide and at its Si/SiO2 interface using a temperature‐dependent electrical…

An evaluation of the characteristics of membrane materials suitable for the batch fabrication of dissolved oxygen sensors

W.V. Glasspool, J.K. Atkinson

The bulk batch fabrication process of thick film technology has been utilised in the design and production of miniature amperometric dissolved oxygen sensors based on…

Thick‐film strain gauges on alumina, zirconia and steel substrates

Darko Belavic, Marko Hrovat, Marina Santo Zarnik, Andreja Bencan, Walter Smetana, Roland Reicher, Heinz Homolka

Strain gauges can be realised by printing and firing thick‐film resistors on ceramic substrates that are usually based on alumina. However, sensing elements made on some…

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