Microelectronics International: Volume 20 Issue 1


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Measurements and simulation of SMT components

Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz, David Rosato, Cosme Furlong

Integrity of surface mount technology (SMT) components depends on their response to temperature changes caused by operating conditions. Temperature induced differential…

Multi‐layer thick‐film microwave components and measurements

Zhengrong Tian, Charles Free, Colin Aitchison, Peter Barnwell, James Wood

The trend in wireless and mobile communications for broader bandwidth microwave circuitry, coupled with high packaging density and low cost fabrication has triggered…

A frequency tunable half‐wave resonator using a MEMS variable capacitor

Patrick Bell, Nils Hoivik, Victor Bright, Zoya Popovic

A frequency tunable half‐wave resonator at 3 GHz is presented with a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) variable capacitor as the tuning element. The capacitor is…

High‐Q RF inductors on 20 Ω.cm silicon realized through wafer‐level packaging techniques

G.J. Carchon, W. De Raedt, E. Beyne

High Q on‐chip inductors and low loss on‐chip interconnects and transmission lines are an important roadblock for the further development of Si‐based technologies at RF…

An evaluation of materials and processes employed in the construction of novel thick film force sensors

Yulan Zheng, John Atkinson, Zhige Zhang, Russ Sion

Novel thick film strain gauges have been constructed using a z‐axis orientation on insulated stainless steel for a variety of force sensing applications. These devices…

Materials characterization of the effect of mechanical bending on area array package interconnects

Daniel T. Rooney, N. Todd Castello, Mike Cibulsky, Doug Abbott, Dongji Xie

The mechanical integrity of solder joint interconnects in PWB assemblies with micro ‐ BGA, chip scale, and LGA packages are being questioned as the size and pitch…

Mechanically fixed and thermally insulated micromechanical structures for GaAs heterostructure based MEMS devices

T. Lalinsky´, Sˇ. Haščík, Ž. Mozolová, E. Burian, M. Krnáč, M. Tomáška, J. Škriniarová, M. Drzˇík, I. Kosticˇ, L. Matay

A new micromachining technology of mechanically fixed and thermally insulated cantilevers, bridges and islands was developed to be used for design of GaAs heterostructure…

Advanced thick film system for AlN substrates

Y.L. Wang, A.F. Carroll, J.D. Smith, Y. Cho, R.J. Bacher, D.K. Anderson, J.C. Crumpton, C.R.S. Needes

Substrates with high thermal conductivity continue to be in great demand for their ability to enable smaller and denser high power circuits. BeO has been used for this…

High‐resolution integration of passives using micro‐contact printing (μCP)

Charles D.E. Lakeman, Patrick F. Fleig

As the number of passive components in electronic circuits increases, new methods for fabricating passives are under development to optimize utilization of board space. In…

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