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The Plastic Composite Package Provides an Economic Alternative To LSI‐VLSI Packaging for High Density Microcircuits

O. Mallem, J. Lantaires

The increase in semiconductor integration level has led to complex Integrated Circuits (ICs) characterised by an increasing number of I/O, such that dies with 40 to 84…

Influence of Trimming on the Electric Field Distribution in Thick Film Resistors

G. Casselman, G. De Mey

A finite difference method is presented to calculate the potential distribution in a trimmed resistor. The numerical results are used to study the influence of trimming on…

A Fluorochemical Coating Material for the Protection of Electronic Circuits

R. Wood

There are many different types of protective coating available to the circuit manufacturer. Most are covered by United States Military Specification MIL‐I‐46058 and by…

Use of Adhesives in Surface Mounting

S. Grant, J. Wigham

Increasing interest in surface mount technology has led to a growth in the use of adhesives for attachment of SMDs. This paper reviews the properties of an adhesive which…

A New Dice Bonding Method for Hybrid Technology

J.P. Ramy, L. Demeure

The bonding of laser semiconductor dice for optical telecommunication systems is very difficult because of the fragility of these new components, the necessity to bond…

Accuracy of Integrated Voltage Dividers in Plastic Packaged Linear ICs

C. Cognetti, F. Simonini, F.F. Villa

This study attempts to quantify the loss of accuracy that arises after packaging and during the life of the IC device. To identify a solution to the problem of mismatch in…

Hermetic Sealing of Kovar Hybrid Packages by Laser Welding

S. Norrman, P.A. Torstensson

Laser welding of Kovar (54% Fe, 16% Co, 29% Ni, <1% Mn, Cr) has been evaluated in order to develop a reliable welding method for hermetic encapsulation of hybrid packages…

Thick Film Conductors and Resistors on Dielectrics for High Reliability Applications

J.M. Wheeler

Platinum gold conductors, used as solderable terminations, contain a glass frit which reacts with the minority constituents in debased alumina substrates forming an…

Polyimide Protection of Thin Film Chip Resistors

H. Diletti, J.R. Noser, G.J. Sele

In hybrid technology, components (e.g., ICs, capacitors, resistor chips) are mounted onto a thin or thick film circuit. Bare chip resistors are usually incorporated into…

Practical Evaluation of a Cu Thick Film Multilayer System and Wire Bonding on Cu Conductors

E. Beyne, E. Delen, R. Govaerts, M. van Craen

In this study a multilayer hybrid circuit for high frequency digital systems using Cu conductors was fabricated. The available Cu pastes were evaluated in terms of their…

Thermal Design of Hybrid Microelectronics for Everyone

D.J. Dean

This paper is an introduction to a personal approach to Electronic Thermal Design and Temperature Prediction. The approach described is essentially one of reducing the…

ISHM news

Marc Monneraye, Panizza, Brian Waterfield, John Knowles, P.L. Bainbridge

A month or so after the Stresa meeting, the French ISHM chapter, organising a session on ‘Gallic inks’ (!), summoned me to deliver some comments on the 5th European Hybrid…

Industry news

Kulicke & Soffa announce the promotion of Kevin Setters (28) to Technical Support Manager from Senior Service Engineer. He is responsible for special engineering…

New products

NewTek have introduced new versions of the Winslow 3100 Series of integrated‐circuit (IC) sockets which feature an enhanced design and are now available in gold‐plated versions.

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