Microelectronics International: Volume 2 Issue 3


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New Compositions for Hybrid Circuits

R. Kužel, J. Broukal

New resistor compositions prepared by using special kinds of glass, CdO, RuO2 and Nb2O5, have been developed. This system is typical in containing only a small amount of…

Large Substrate Thick Film Printing and Handling

C. Phippard

Output rates with multicircuit printing techniques on different sizes of substrate are examined. Hand load/unload is then compared with the autofeed systems now becoming…

Thermal Problems in Micro Assemblies

B. Lacruche

Except in specific activities in electronic equipment, thermal management is not the most exciting subject for those involved in design. With micro‐assembly (surface…

Plasma Treatment in Hybrid and Conventional Electronic Assemblies

R.N. Booth, P.E. Ongley

Plasma chemistry is employed almost exclusively for etching, cleaning and deposition processes in semiconductor device fabrication technology. As a natural expansion of…

Ruthenium Contacts Resist Chemical Attack in Communications Use

R.D. Lanam, A.R. Robertson

In general, sputtered ruthenium films attain platinum‐group properties that make them candidates for various uses in electrical, thermal and decorative areas. Advanced…

Wire Bonding as a Technique for Semiconductor Device Assembly

A.D. Weston

This paper is aimed at Engineers involved in production wire‐bonding processes and system maintenance. It traces the development of microbonding from its origins to the…

The Fundamentals of Thin Film Resistive Technology for the Production of Ultra‐stable Resistors and Networks

P.R. Simon

The paper describes the physical phenomena which influence the electrical and mechanical characteristics of low temperature coefficient, high stability thin metal…

New Thick Film Temperature Sensor of Exhaust Valves in Fiat 126P

J.J. Gondek, T.H. Wojewódzki, A. Majowicz

This paper presents the results of preliminary research carried out in the Department of Microelectronics at the Institute of Electronics of the Mining and Metallurgical…

Present and Future Applications for Laser Processing of Hybrids and Semiconductors

E.J. Swenson

Present and future development of laser processing as a production technique for modifying semiconductor devices, improving yields, and decreasing development times are…

Quality Control in Ultrasonic Wire Bonding

R. Rodwell, D.A. Worrall

This paper reviews methods of quality control for the ultrasonic wire bonding process. It also covers the basic principles of the process, a model for the bonding…

ISHM news

Peter Moran

A two‐day symposium will be hosted by the ISHM‐Can‐Am Chapter in Ottawa, Canada, on 19–20 June 1985. The event will concentrate on advances in Surface Mounted Technology…

Industry news

Anicon, Inc. have recently appointed Friedrich Weiler as Managing Director, Anicon Europa, GmbH, and have announced the opening of Anicon's European headquarters facility…

New products

The latest Laser Trimmer from Chicago Laser Systems, designated the CLS37S, is said by the manufacturers to offer the best of both worlds. With a DIP network throughput of…

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