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Keith Johnson, Brian Waterfield

Interconnection, packaging and mounting of electronic devices tend to be too often neglected in development of the increasingly sophisticated devices of today. Whilst the…

Parameters Affecting the Incidence of Pad Bridging in Surface Mounted Device Attachment

B.L. Roos‐Kozel

The chip carrier industry and the mounting of chip carriers with solder paste are growing rapidly. Recent papers have covered the advantages of increased board density and…

VLSI Packaging

H. Reiner

The ever greater complexity of VLSI devices is resulting in increases in pin count, power dissipation, and chip area. Furthermore, the increase in speed because of the…

Packaging of Dot‐matrix Electroluminescent Display Module

A. Aintila, E. Järvinen

Demanding technical requirements of thin film electroluminescent display modules and hard competition in electronic display markets set boundaries for the setting of goals…

Resistor Chips for Thick Film Hybrids

H. Diletti, R. Hoffmann, G. Sele, J. Rees

Applications for thin film resistor chips in thick film hybrid circuits are discussed in relation to the different technologies involved, namely naked and encapsulated…

Solderable Polymer Thick Film Conductors for Surface Mount Technology

F. St. John

A new class of solderable PTF materials has been evaluated for SMDs on FR‐4 substrates. No etching or plating baths are required in this totally additive process. The…

Functional Trimming

P. Thompson

With increased application of hybrids, methods have been developed enabling resistor films to be cut away until the resistor has precisely the required value for correct…

Polymer Thick Film Circuits in Japan

A. Kabe, I. Morooka

Polymer thick film circuits have been used in consumer appliances, a trend that is growing as one of the major technologies in Japan in this field. This paper discloses…

Surface Mount Technology Setting Up a Surface Mount Facility

G.L. Rowe

This paper presents the manufacturing methods used in the assembly of electronic circuits with surface mount components on planar printed wiring circuits. The…

Creating Mechanical Stress in the Resistive Layer as a Method of Studying its Temperature Characteristics

D. Szymański, S. Achmatowicz, J. Bekisz, B. Szczytko

The separation of thick‐film resistor temperature characteristics into two components is presented. One of the components is a function of the resistive material, the…

Glass‐ceramic Coated Metal Substrates

R.W. Jones

A historical review of the development of metal‐cored substrates is given, together with a detailed account of glass‐ceramic coated metal substrates as currently…

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