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ISHM—The international society

JØRGEN PAPSØE, Brian Waterfield

As I considered my theme for this editorial, I could not help asking myself just how International ISHM really is. Are we really part of one great family of engineers all…

Modèles de Calcul Précis pour la Détermination de l'Augmentation de Température de Sources de Chaleur Rectangulaires dans les Circuits Hybrides

G. Kersuzan, A.G. van Nie

To enable adequate transfer of heat from a hybrid circuit in many cases the substrate is attached to a heatsink. This paper examines the two principal means of calculating…

Reliability and Quality Assurance Basic Concepts and Their Application to Microcircuits

A.H. George

An understanding of reliability physics, failure analysis and failure mechanisms as applied to semiconductor technologies is essential in assessing microcircuit…

Commercial Production of Polymer Thick Film Resistors

W.J. Green

Polymer thick film resistors are selected for various commercial applications in view of their performance, reliability and cost advantages. They are, however, only as…

A Survey of Laser Trimming

R.C. Bancroft

This paper provides a technical background and overview of the rôle played by the computer controlled laser trimming system in the thick film industry.

Designing for Testability

G.W. Jacob

Semiconductor devices and systems containing them have become so complex that it is difficult and costly to test them adequately. The solution is to design them to be…

The Properties of Thick Film Resistors Fabricated on Various Dielectric Layers

B. Rzasa, J. Potencki

The paper presents a comparative analysis of the properties of ruthenate resistor layers produced on alumina substrates and on dielectric layers previously deposited on…

Chip Carrier Based Systems and their Testability

C. Maunder, D. Roberts, N. Sinnadurai

Testing has become one of the dominant costs in the process of bringing a product from initial conception to the market place. Because of this, it is now imperative that…

New Low Cost Substrate (Duroid) for Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuits (MICs) in Wide Band

J.P. Ramy, J. Guena, C. Thebault

Because of its lower dielectric constant and loss tangent, and its greater surface smoothness, fused silica is very suitable for use in the KU band and above, but its cost…

HAS‐1000 Automated Hybrid Assembly System

D.F. Crowley, K.A. Sullivan

As the demand for hybrid integrated circuits continues to increase, manufacturers' production lines require flexible, cost efficient assembly techniques. Teledyne TAC, a…

Literature abstracts

(in French) RUSZNYAK, A., Bull. Assoc. Suisse Electronique, Vol. 75, No.3, p. 162, February (1984).

Glossary of Hybrid Microelectronics Terms: Part 1

Trimming a film resistor to its nominal value by notching resistor with a finely adjusted stream of an abrasive material, such as aluminium oxide, directly against the…

Autronica Hybrids—Roros, Norway

Brian Waterfield

Situated to the south of Trondheim and just 50 kilometres from the Swedish border, Roros is a fine example of a small town which found that its traditional industry had…

ISHM news

Brian Waterfield, B. Herod, Peter Moran

The ISHM—Japan Chapter, comprising some 500 members, was represented at ISHM '84 by 60 members, 30 of whom attended as a group. Twelve papers were presented by Japanese…

Industry news

Alan Hobby has recently been appointed Applications Engineer at DEK Printing Machines Ltd, Weymouth. In 1968 he joined Ferranti at Bracknell and became one of the small…

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