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Tools for evaluation of electrical performance of chip‐on‐board devices

A. Cordery, N. Kilbey, N. Suthiwongsunthorn

The present paper discusses the development of a test methodology for evaluation of the electrical performance of flip‐chip devices. A dedicated test chip was designed for…

Electrical characterisation of BGA package for RF applications

Arun Chandrasekhar, Eric Beyne, Walter De Raedt, Bart Nauwelaers, Tania Van Bever

This paper highlights the electrical behaviour of the interconnects on a 120‐pin Ball Grid Array (BGA) package from 500 MHz upto 8 GHz. The measurements are made using…

Thick film symmetrical EMI LC cells

O. Aleksić, V. Desnica, M. Luković, Lj.D. Živanov

Thick film symmetrical LC cells with two pairs of terminations were printed on alumina using PdAg paste and crossover dielectric. Planar inductors such as meander, spiral…

Effects of material parameters and processing conditions on high voltage sensitivity of polymer thick film resistors

Y. Srinivasa Rao, M. Satyam

The effects of material parameters and processing conditions on the resistance drop by high voltage discharge in PVC – graphite thick film resistors are studied in this…

No flow underfill: additional reliability and failure mode analysis

Michael A. Previti, Peter Ongley

No‐Flow or fluxing underfills will play a key role in the future of flip chip processing. Properly formulated No‐Flow Underfills decrease manufacturing time and cost of…

The effects of aged Cu‐Al intermetallics to electrical resistance in microelectronics packaging

Tan Chee Wei, Abdul Razak Daud

A Cu‐Al bonding system exists when copper wire is bonded onto an aluminum bond pad using thermosonic wire bonding technology. Aged Cu‐Al bonding system was analyzed by…

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