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On the frequency‐dependent line capacitance and conductance of on‐chip interconnects on lossy silicon substrate

H. Ymeri, B. Nauwelaers, K. Maex

In this paper a method for analysis and modelling of transmission interconnect lines with zero or nonzero thickness on Si–SiO2 substrate is presented. The analysis is…

N‐channel power MOSFET for fast neutron detection

C. Salame, P. Mialhe, J.‐P. Charles, A. Khoury

Developments in neutron detection technology during the past three years are reviewed with special emphasis on application to safety, security, or industrial…

The investigation of the capillary flow of underfill materials

C.Y. Huang

The underfilling of flip chip components with the encapsulant is based on the principles of capillary flow. A reasonable understanding of capillary flow and an effective…

Rapid production of microwave packaging in silicon–aluminium by thin‐shell electroforming

C. Bocking, D.M. Jacobson, A.E.W. Rennie

High silicon Si–Al alloys (50–70 wt% Si) have been developed by Osprey Metals Ltd for use in electronic packaging. They have the advantages of a coefficient of thermal…

Observations on the characteristics of thick film k33 strain sensors fabricated on steel substratesThis paper is based on a poster presentation made at the IMAPS 2001 Symposium, Baltimore.

Yulan Zheng, John Atkinson, Zhige Zhang, Russ Sion

Results are presented from a programme of research aimed at establishing the mechanisms behind the effects of fabrication parameter variation on the performance of thick…

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