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Thermal time constants of various substrates of integrated circuits

Andrzej Kos

The main goal of the work is to show how the kind of substrate and heat sink of integrated circuit or system influences the thermal dynamics of the circuit or system. The…

Flip chip assemblies using gold bumps and adhesive

Zhaowei Zhong

This paper discusses flip chip on FR‐4 and ceramics using non‐conductive adhesive (NCA), anisotropic conductive film (ACF), or anisotropic conductive paste (ACP). Several…

The impact of lead‐free soldering on electronics packages

L. Yang, J.B. Bernstein, K. Chung

This paper will review the challenges brought by lead‐free soldering and some preliminary experimental evaluation results will be discussed. The initial results show that…

The evaluation of different base materials for high density flip chip on flex applications

Petteri Palm, Jarmo Määttänen, Alain Picault, Yannick De Maquillé

This paper presents the results from the evaluation of different types of flexible substrates for high‐density flip chip application. In this work two different types of…

Gravure offset printing development for fine line thick film circuits

Juha Hagberg, Marko Pudas, Seppo Leppävuori, Ken Elsey, Alison Logan

The resolution of conventional graphical gravures is limited to about 50 to 100 microns depending on the technology used. For these gravures the depths are dependent on…


High density interconnect substrates using multilayer thin film technology on laminate substrates (MCM‐SL/D)

Eric Beyne, Rita Van Hoof, Tomas Webers, Steven Brebels, Stéphanie Rossi, François Lechleiter, Marianna Di Ianni, Andreas Ostmann

A novel interconnect technology, introducing thin film on a laminate substrate base, is presented. A specially constructed laminate board is used as a substrate for the…

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