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Energy‐recovery low power C‐PAL flip‐flop design

H.H. Wong, K.T. Lau

Besides combinational circuits, sequential circuits, for instance, flip‐flops, also play an important role in the design of digital systems. In this article…

Investigations of assembly properties of conductive layers in LTCC circuits

A. Bochenek, B. Bober, A. Dziedzic, L. Golonka

Investigations were aimed at evaluation of assembly properties of conductive layers cofired with LTCC substrates. The usefulness of these layers for low‐temperature…

Effects of the pre‐neutron irradiation on VDMOSFET sensitivity to heavy ions

C. Salame, A. Hoffmann, F. Pelanchon, P. Mialhe, J.P. Charles

This article shows that irradiation with neutrons can be used as solution to harden commercial (COTS: Commercial‐Off‐The‐Shelf) n‐channel power MOSFET (Metal Oxide…

Measurement techniques for the evaluation of thick‐film materials used in wireless applications

Zhengrong Tian, Charles Free

A review of the dielectric measurement techniques that are currently available for the characterization of thick film and LTCC materials at microwave and millimeter wave…

An investigation of the factors influencing stability in continuously‐powered screen‐printed amperometric dissolved oxygen sensors

J.K. Atkinson, W.V. Glasspool

The continuously powered response of dissolved oxygen sensors fabricated as screen printed devices has been investigated. A reduction in the sensitivity of these devices…

The use of thick print copper and silver conductors for power applications

David K. Anderson, John Oleksyn, Martin Batson, John Cocker

Thick printing Cu and Ag conductors have been developed specifically for use in power applications where excellent printing, thermal, electrical, wire bonding and…

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