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Some results obtained with diffusion patterning technology

Darko Belavic, Marko Hrovat, Marko Pavlin, Janez Holc

Diffusion patterning is a dielectric patterning technology, which is used in the screen printed thick film technology for higher density multilayer circuits. This…

Development of a reliable packaging process for flip chip on ceramics

Zhaowei Zhong

A reliable packaging process for flip chip on ceramic substrate using gold bumps and adhesive was successfully developed. The bonding parameters and flip chip assemblies…

Thick film microstrip rejection filter with improved Q using overlay

Sunit Rane, Vijaya Puri

In this paper studies on the lab formulated fritless silver thick film paste with two different binder compositions that have been used to fabricate λ/2 microstrip…

New approach for calculation of line parameters of IC interconnects

Hasan Ymeri, Bart Nauwelaers, Karen Maex, David De Roest

A new method for analysis of IC interconnects propagation parameters is suggested. A potential integral formalism is employed that enables us to express general solutions…

Substrate characterization: simulation and measurement at high microwave frequencies

Charles Free, Zhengrong Tian, Peter Barnwell

In this paper we present new measured loss tangent data for commercially available substrates, and these data are supported by simulations that show how practical…

Computational and experimental approach to thermal management in microelectronics and packaging

Cosme Furlong, Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz

New and ever more demanding applications of microelectronics require advances in design and optimization of components and packages, in relatively short periods of time…

Effects of aspect ratio on the temperature coefficient of resistance matching and low frequency noise levels in thick film strain sensors

J.K. Atkinson, R.P. Sion, Z. Zhang

An experimental study of thick film strain sensitive resistors as typically employed in resistive bridge interface circuits has been undertaken. It has been found that the…

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