Microelectronics International: Volume 17 Issue 3


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A novel approach for hybrid optoelectronic circuits: thick‐film on glass (TOG)

Achim Köhler, Peter Dullenkopf

The realization of thick‐film circuits on glass substrates is discussed. Within the large number of commercially available thick‐film pastes, suitable pastes for…

Assessing the cost‐effectiveness of integrated passives

Michael Scheffler, Gerhard Tröster, Joaquin Lopez Contreras, Jürgen Hartung, Michel Menard

Passive components integrated into a high‐density substrate can be a tolerable way to overcome the size and manufacturing limits of SMD passives mounted on to the system…


Effectiveness of conformal coatings on a PBGA subjected to unbiased high humidity, high temperature tests

Kang Zhang, Michael Pecht

Plastic ball grid array (PBGA) packages are non‐hermetic surface mount packages, designed in response to market demands for cost‐effective, high I/O count, small…

2D‐model for thermal analysis of hybrid power modules

B. Radojcoić, R. Ramović, O. Aleksić

A two‐dimensional model for hybrid circuits is presented in this paper. Simulation results of a hybrid power module for different power dissipation of components and…

Investigation into the curing and thermal behavior of an epoxy‐based UV curable coating in microelectronics assembly

Chi Fo Tsang

UV curing processes of materials have to be specially designed accordingly in order to obtain the optimized property for different electronics applications. The purpose of…

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