Microelectronics International: Volume 17 Issue 2


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Embedded passive components and PCB size – thermal effects

D.M. Stubbs, S.H. Pulko, A.J. Wilkinson, B. Wilson, F. Christiaens, K. Allaert

The embedding of passive components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors within printed circuit boards (PCBs) is motivated, to a large extent, by the desire for…

Packaging of closed chamber PCR‐chips for DNA amplification

C.G.J. Schabmueller, A.G.R. Evans, A. Brunnschweiler, G. Ensell, D.L. Leslie, M.A. Lee

Reports the design, fabrication and packaging of a micromachined silicon/Pyrex based chip for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The anodic bonding method is used for…

Assembly issues in three flip chip processes

Zhaowei Zhong

Discusses three simple and low‐cost flip chip assembly processes. First, flip chip on board using non‐conductive adhesive is evaluated. This process can give reasonable…

Advances in microwave MCM‐D technology

Philip Pieters, Walter De Raedt, Eric Beyne

The thin film multilayer multichip module technology (MCM‐D) was originally used for the interconnection of high speed digital circuits in a single module. Nowadays, the…

Wafer level packaging of compliant, chip size ICs

Joseph Fjelstad, Thomas DiStefano, Anthony Faraci

The concept of packaging integrated circuits while they are still in wafer form has captured the imagination of semiconductor manufacturers and packagers around the globe…

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