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PAD design reliability for SMD passives

Milos Dusek, Ivan Szendiuch, Petr Szuscik

Investigates the influence of land pattern pad designs and solder volume on reliability of solder joint attachments for surface mounted passive chip devices. All boards…

An analysis of technology trends within the electronics industry

P.J. Palmer, D.J. Williams

This paper begins with a brief review of previous work in the field of technology forecasting and discusses the Fisher Pry model in particular, before concluding with an…


A new method for measuring signal integrity in CMOS ICs

Sonia Delmas‐Bendhia, Fabrice Caignet, Etienne Sicard

The aim of this paper is to present a new and original method for on‐chip measurements of very high frequency parasitic signals where a sampling circuit is directly…

Cure behavior of a no flow underfill encapsulant

D.T. Hsu, H.K. Kim, F.G. Shi, H.Y. Tong, S. Chungpaiboonpatana, C. Davidson, J.M. Adams

The curing reaction of a promising “no flow” flip chip underfill encapsulant is investigated by using a differential scanning calorimeter. It is found that the tested…

Reliability of flip chip components soldered on FR5 board

Jarmo Määttänen, Petteri Palm, Aulis Tuominen

To achieve good reliability and high performance flip chip interconnection, process parameters and materials used in the flip chip process must be optimised. In this paper…

Substrate integrated packaging for RF‐applications

H. Richter, D. Ferling, F. Buchali, W. Heck

In this paper, Substrate Integrated Packaging (SIP) based on thin film multilayer technology is presented. Coplanar waveguide feedthroughs calculated with 3D‐Finite…

A comparison of routing estimation methods for microelectronic modules

P.A. Sandborn, P. Spletter

It is often necessary to estimate the number of board layers in electronic modules before detailed routing is possible. Several methods for estimating board interconnect…

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