Microelectronics International: Volume 16 Issue 3


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Assembly and reliability of flip chip on boards using ACAs or eutectic solder with underfill

Zhaowei Zhong

Reports the research and development results on flip chip on FR‐4 and ceramics, using anisotropic conductive film (ACF), anisotropic conductive paste (ACP), or eutectic…

Thermal fatigue analysis of the flip chip assembly on the polymer stud grid array (PSGA) package

Bart Vandevelde, Eric Beyne

Presents the thermo‐mechanical modelling of a new type of area array package: the flip chip on polymer stud grid array (PSGA). The objective is to optimise the material…

High frequency wire bonding for PBGA package, a process optimisation approach

Teo Kiat Choon, Victor G. Corpuz

In a plastic BGA package, the glass transition temperature of 170‐215°C for bismaleimide triazine (BT) substrate puts an upper ceiling to the usable wire bond temperature…

HDI substrate technology for electronic automotive applications

M. Bremond, D. Lambert

Presents a survey of build‐up technologies based on the manufacture of microvia in thin dielectric sheets (< 100µm) deposited on PWB materials. These technologies will…


A new approach to flip chip on board technology using SMT compatible processes

S. Zhang, J. De Baets, A. Van Calster

A flip chip on board technology fully compatible with current PCB facilities is reported. It used reflow soldering for chip attachment. It required electroless…

The cyclic fatigue behaviour of ball grid arrays

A.J. Curley, K.J. Williams, T. Le, H. Patel

This paper describes failure load analysis to predict the number of fatigue cycles required to cause adhesion failure at the thick film conductor and alumina substrate…


Low cost high performance microwave structures fabricated by advanced thick film techniques

Barbara Dziurdzia, Stanislaw Nowak, Michal Ciez, Wojciech Gregorczyk, Heiko Thust, Erich Polzer

The paper presents the application of two advanced thick‐film techniques: etching of fired thick‐films and photoimaging of photosensitive thick‐films for fabrication…

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