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A simple modification of a flip‐chip bonder to allow large area chip attach

S. Fuchs, K. Rindelhardt, J. Barrett, F. Stam

Describes the modification of a laboratory flip‐chip bonder to allow bonding of very large chips. The original optical system of the bonder was designed for chip sizes up…

Higher yields and reliability with automated assembly of microwave modules

Michael Chalsen, Daniel Crowley

Microwave modules and hybrid circuits have some unique requirements that demand extremely precise dispensing and placement, delicate handling and well controlled curing…

Characteristics of passive Ta‐resistive planes embedded in Al‐sheet “PCB” ‐ compatible for integrated MCM‐substrates or packaging carriers

Philip Ivanov Philippov, Milka Markova Rassovska, Radosvet Georgiev Arnaudov, Vassil Angelov Ianev, Minka Draganova Gospodinova

Recent progress in the investigation of the material parameters of Al/Al2O3systems leads to an increase in the possibilities for using embedded TaOXN1‐X layers. The use of…


High performance liquid cooled aluminium nitride heat sinks

R. Hahn, V. Glaw, A. Ginolas, M. Töpfer, K. Wittke, H. Reichl

High performance aluminium nitride water cooled heat sinks were fabricated and characterized. A variety of fabrication processes were employed to meet different cooling…

Self‐managing teams in high technology manufacture: overcoming technological barriers

James McCalman

This paper examines the introduction of self‐managing teams into a high technology workplace. The paper looks at the managerial and organizational implications of…

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