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The past, present and future of EEE components for space application: COTS ‐ the next generation

John Wall, Nihal Sinnadurai

This paper identifies component industry trends, examines the traditional methods of achieving “space quality”, addresses how the space industry can adapt to this changing…

Future trends in materials for lightweight microwave packaging

David M. Jacobson, Satti P.S. Sangha

The set of properties required for microwave packaging materials intended for aerospace applications is discussed in relation to the current range of materials that are…


Frits in thick film superconductors: a special approach for improving superconducting and adhesion properties

Gábor Harsányi, Yanqing Liu, W. Kinzy Jones

Specially formulated frit materials have been applied in thick film superconductors similar to the standard thick film materials in order to achieve processing parameters…


Silicon pressure sensors with a thick film periphery

Darko Belavič, Stojan Šoba, Marko Pavlin, Dubravka Ročak, Marko Hrovat

Silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor dies are mounted on a ceramic substrate where the signal conditioning electronics are implemented in thick film technology. In this…

Studying electro‐physical material characteristics of vacuum‐deposited layers of aluminium (tantalum) when using aluminium sheet as a carrier for MCM, interconnections, vias and resistive groups

Ph. Philippov, R. Arnaudov, N. Yordanov, V. Ianev, M. Gospodinova

Investigations of material parameters within the system Al, Al2O3, Ta, Ta2O5 and TaOxN1‐x are presented. This combination is characteristic when using Al sheet for…


A new concept for the use of Al‐sheet as integrated substrate for one or multichip module package

Ph. Philippov, R. Arnaudov, N. Yordanov, M. Gospodinova

In this paper we present recent studies on the electrochemical migration processes in Ag thin film parallel microstrip lines in MCM(D) structures. The basic concept is…


The role of selective electroplating in the construction of advanced circuit boards

Peter Moran

In order for system designers to make full use of the successive generations of semiconductor devices it is becoming increasingly necessary to choose interconnection…

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