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A comparative analysis of interconnection technologies for integrated multilayer inductors

Stephen O’ Reilly, John Flannery, Terence O’ Donnell, Andrew Muddiman, Gerard Healy, Michael Byrne, Sean Cian Ó Mathúna

Multilayer aircore inductors fabricated in a range of interconnection technologies which are MCM compatible are presented and compared. These consist of thick‐film, low…


Thin‐film processing on a thick‐film multilayer

Gerhard Klink, Andreas Drost

Coating and lithography steps in thin‐film processing require planar and smooth surfaces. Usually ceramic substrates with as‐fired surface roughness of Ra < 0.1µm or with…

Current noise of trimmed thick‐film resistors: measurement and simulation

Achim Raab, Christian Jung, Peter Dullenkopf

An investigation of laser‐trimmed thick‐film resistors’ current noise was carried out. A large number of samples from two pastes with different P‐ and L‐cuts were…

Thermodynamic aspect of the wire‐bonding process

J. Falk

The influence of process heat, with regard to wire‐ and substrate‐materials, on the adhesion of wire‐bonds was investigated. Temperature increases up to 200°C were…

Low‐cost fibre‐chip coupling for electro‐optic EMC‐probes

Luc Vanwassenhove

A straightforward flip‐chip mounting technique is described using gold bumps, a silicon motherboard and non‐conductive adhesives to fabricate electro‐optical modules…


Effects of chip scale package and flip‐chip on the design and manufacturing of electronic products

Petri Savolainen

Customer demand is driving the evolution of electronic equipment towards smaller devices with increased performance and more features. At the same time, product price…


A five‐layer thin film MCM‐Si design using oxynitride dielectrics

Jo Lernout

A novel technology for a multichip module (MCM) on silicon is presented. The technology features the integration of a power and a ground plane, resulting in a…

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