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Planarisation of NiFe2O4 Thick Film Ferrite Inductors

O.S. Aleksić, P.M. Nikolić, D. Vasiljević‐Radović, Luković, S. Durić

A variety of thick film planar inductors, designed forapplications in the HF range, were printed from conductive PdAg and NiFe2O4 ferrite paste on alumina substrate. Pure…


Thermal Transient Testing

V. Székely, M. Rencz, B. Courtois

Thermal issues are becoming increasingly serious with the scaling down of integrated circuits and theincreasing density brought in by advanced packaging techniques…


Plastic Ball Grid Array Attachment: Assembly and Reliability Performance

L. Anderson, A.A. Primavera

As plastic ball grid array(PBGA) components proliferate, card assembly questions arise about the robustness of themodule to card attachment process. A designed experiment…


Benefits of Thermoplastic Conductive Adhesive in Advanced Electronics Packaging Applications

M.G. Firmstone, P.M. Bartholomew, G. Paterson, R. Dietz, P. Robinson

Conductive adhesive alternatives to tin/lead soldering have mainly concentrated onisotropic silver‐filled epoxy resins. These thermosetting polymers do not offer a…


Low Ohm Resistor Series for Optimum Performance in High Voltage Surge Applications

M.F. Barker

The growth in digital telecom systems around the world has led to an increase indemand for surge protection components. These components often use low ohm resistor…


High‐quality RF Inductors in LTCC

J. Müller

Low temperature cofired ceramics(LTCCs) combine the advantages of both multilayer substrates with excellent high‐frequency properties and a high‐conductivity…


TECHNICAL BRIEF Polymer Thick Film Resistors: Application and Design Criteria

D. Jean, R. Linde

Polymer thickfilm (PTF) resistors have been effectively used for many years in consumer goods liketimers, motor controls, computers and a wide variety of high performance…

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