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Assembly and Reliability of Very Large Flip‐chip on CQFP

J.J. Clementi, G.0. Dearing, C. Bergeron

The IBM ceramic quad flat pack (CQFP) is a high performance, low‐costchip carrier for surface mount assembly. It is an extension of metallised ceramic (MC) andmetallised…


Thick Film Microchannels: Design and Fabrication

D. Filippini, L. Fraigi, S. Gwirc

The study of relevant geometrical parameters for the design andfabrication of thick film microchannels has been considered in this work. An analysis of…


Characterisation of Polyimide‐glass‐metal Joints Bonded with Anisotropic Electrically Conductive Adhesives

P. Savolainen, J. Kivilahti

Tape automated bonding (TAB) circuits were joined byhot compression bonding to copper or nickel conductors on glass with two anisotropic electricallyconductive adhesives…


Design Optimisation of Integrated Circuit Thin‐film Resistors with Slits and Curved Boundaries

Maqsood A. Chaudhry

The problem of determining the optimal location and length of a slit to obtain a desiredvalue of resistance in polygonal integrated circuit thin‐film resistors prior to…


Acceleration Factors for Thick Film Gold Conductors on Ceramic for Temperature, Humidity and Bias Testing

V. Kripesh, S.K. Bhatnagar, H. Osterwinter, W. Gust

Temperature humidity acceleration factors for surface conductance areobtained to relate the reliability of film conductors formed by different processes. Analytical…


Minimal Size Packaging Solutions: A Comparison

S. Greathouse

Known good die, flip chip and chip scale packages are technologies that offer variousadvantages to the board manufacturer. A discussion of the different types of package…


Electroless Bumped Bare Dice on Flexible Substrates

A. Björklöf

Modern semiconductor technologies have advanced to the level of sophistication where the benefits of the high functional and power density,high speed, low defect rate and…


European Microelectronics Activities — Nordic Countries and Central and Eastern Europe

S. Nørlyng

In September 1995, Mincronsult and ISHM‐Nordic made an extensive microelectronics survey in the four Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, with input from…


Improving the Heat Dissipation of Multilayer Ceramic Modules by the Use of CBGA Connections on HTCC and LTCC

W. Lyszio

By the use of ceramic ball grid array connections, the number of I/Os can be increasedsubstantially in comparison with PGA (pin grid array) while maintaining an…

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