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Non‐hermetic Encapsulation and Assembly Techniques for Optoelectronic Applications

I.P. Hall

The drive towards low unit cost in optoelectronic packaging is assisted by avoiding the need for hermeticity and by the use of simple assembly techniques. Silicone gels…


Novel Uses of Flexible Circuit Technology in High Performance Electronic Applications

T. DiStefano, J. Fjelstad

Flexible circuits are ideally suited to solving the design demands of next generation electronics. Theflexible circuit offers a number of advantages that are unavailable…


Combifilm: A Novel Thick‐ and Thin‐film Technology with Two Signal Layers for High‐speed Hybrid Circuits Signal Layers for High‐speed Hybrid Circuits

U.P.I. Pedersen, O. Aaserud, O.W. Bungum

This paper describes the processing and electricalcharacterisation of an interconnection substrate technology called Combifilm. The study focuses ondigital applications…


Low Temperature Sinterable Multilayer Glass‐ceramic Substrates

S.L. Fu, L.S. Chen, J.N. Lu

Substrate materials that can be sintered at temperatures lower than 1000°C have been prepared andstudied. The main compositions were achieved by adding low softening point…


Are BGAs a Concern in SMT? A User’s Point of View

X. Saint‐Martin, Y. Stricot, M. Auray, C. Floury

BGAs are a new type of surface mountablecomponent. Successful industrial implementation of BGA assembly on electronic boards needsspecific studies, evaluations and…


Large AI/SiC Baseplate Packages for Digital and Microwave Applications

A. Lefeuvre, M. Caplot, C. Stranieri, P. Massiot

Packages for multichip modules inmilitary airborne applications must hava some fundamental characteristics: highthermal conductivity, low density, good mechanical…


Fibre‐optic Multisensor for Simultaneous Monitoring of Pressure and Composition of Gases

Z. Keresztes‐Nagy

The majority of methods for the optical monitoring of gases can be divided into two main groups. In the first, the intrinsicoptical properties of the gas are exploited to…


Laser Beam Micro Welding as a New Interconnection Technique

M. Glasmacher, H.‐J. Pucher

Laser Beam Micro Welding represents an alternative joining technique to the well known soldering processes. Hereby the leads are welded directly to the conducting tracks…


The Intelligent Multichip Module Analyser: A Thermal Design Tool

M.J. Stoklosa

The Intelligent MCM Analyser (IMCMA) is a software tool which allowsthe designer to concurrently assess the reliability of an MCM design based on operational…


An Innovation in Thermoplastic, Reworkable Adhesive Pastes

R. Dietz, D. Peck

Today’s emerging markets in the electronic packaging industry require some unique properties inadhesives, especially in die attach applications. In multichip module (MCM…

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