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Microelectronics International

Karel Kurzweil

Over a number of years—for some of us for over a decade—we got used to finding Hybrid Circuits at regular intervals on our desk. With this January 1995 issue, the new name…

A Physics‐of‐failure Design Philosophy Applied to Flip‐chip Bonds

C. Pusarla, A. Dasgupta, M.G. Pecht, A. Christou

This paper presents an application of the physics‐of‐failure design philosophy to flip‐chip bonds in a microelectronic package. The physics‐of‐failure philosophy utilises…

Thick Film Technology Applied to Chemical Sensors

F. Ménil, C. Lucat, H. Debéda

The present and potential applications of screen‐printing thick film technology to the field of chemical sensing are briefly reviewed in the first part of the paper. The…

Photoimageable Thick Films for Multichip Modules

M. Vrana, A. Van Calster, D. Vanicky, W. Delbare, R. Vanden Berghe, S. Demolder, K. Allaert

The evolution of today's high speed electronic systems has resulted in the need for modules which are able to provide all chip‐to‐chip interconnection with very fine top…

Interferometric Micropositioning in the Planar Chip Insertion Technique for Multichip Modules (MCMs)

A. Vareille, A. Schiltz, P. Ballet, J.C. Hauüy, L. Thévenot

A novel planar insertion technique has been developed at the CNET, Grenoble. This technique, combining laser cutting and, in particular, micropositioning controlled by…

Resist Coating of Cylindrical Samples for 3‐D Lithography

C.G. Giaconia, G. Grasso, C. Arnone

A quantitative investigation of a dipping technique for depositing a thin layer of resist on circularly symmetrical objects is presented. The results obtained are valuable…

The Characterisation of High Frequency Planar Thick‐film Transformers

A.R. Cornwell

The results of an empirical investigation into the design and fabrication of high frequency planar thick‐film transformers for use in resonant mode power supplies are…

A Survey of Techniques for Producing Known Good Die

K. Ball

Known good die (KGD) have been available, primarily for use in hybrids, for many years. The MCM industry is now becoming the driving force for new standards of die quality…

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