Microelectronics International: Volume 11 Issue 2


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Quality Issues in Chip‐on‐board (COB) Technology

E. Giani, J.P. Mathurin

Critical processing steps of COB manufacturing, as implemented at Epitek, are reported. They include testing of incoming boards, cleaning, bonding parameters, bonding…

Measurement of the Electrical Properties of High Performance Dielectric Materials for Multichip Modules

K. Laursen, D. Hertling, N. Berry, S.A. Bidstrup, P. Kohl, G. Arroz

Multichip modules provide short chip‐to‐chip interconnects in order to take advantage of the high speeds available in integrated circuits. One multichip approach utilises…

MCM‐L Technology

N. Chandler, S.G. Tyler

Multichip modules using lamination techniques to make the substrate (MCM‐Ls) are a natural extension of printed circuit technology to meet the ever increasing demands of…

Flip Chip Attach of Silicon and GaAs Fine Pitch Devices as well as Inner Lead TAB Attach Using Ball‐bump Technology

J. Eldring, E. Zakel, H. Reichl

Ball‐bumping is a flexible low cost bumping technology based on the conventional wire bonding procedure. It is applicable to single chips or whole wafers as well as to…

Very Fine Line Photoimageable Thick Film Technology Developed at Hibridas

J. Minalgiene, V. Baltrushaitis, S. Muckett

The Microelectronics Division of the Radio Measurement Engineering Research Institute of Lithuania has developed a unique photoimageable thick film chemistry and process…

Performance Enhancement of Thick Film Microstripline Circuits by Metallic Thin Film Overcoat

V. Puri

The microwave properties of microstripline at S‐band and X‐band and ?/2 rejection filter with midband rejection at 3 GHz fabricated by thick film technology are studied…

Trends in MCM and Electronics Assembly

M.G. Sage, D.R. Gross

This paper looks at the progress taking place in packaging and assembly, with particular emphasis on the introduction of three‐dimensional IC technology. The progression…

Novel Techniques for Low‐cost, High Performance, Optoelectronic Component Assembly

I.P. Hall

The drive towards low unit cost in optoelectronics packaging is assisted by simple, rapid assembly processes, and by avoiding the need for hermeticity. This paper…

Design and Processing Considerations for the Use of a Crystallising Low Temperature Cofiring Ceramic Tape System with Integratable Passive Components

B. Sjöling, S.P. Turvey, J.H. Alexander

Low temperature cofiring ceramic tape (LTCC) is increasingly used for the production of complex three‐dimensional multilayer interconnect structures in microelectronics…

ISHM news

A.P. Hilley, H. Binner, Tae Sung Oh

‘The Choice between Chip and Wire and High Density Surface Mount Packages (MCM‐X, COB, etc.)’ was the title of the above event. One of a regular series held by…

Industry news

Dr Nihal Sinnadurai has taken up his new post as Professor of Electronics Technology at Middlesex University and head of its Microelectronics Centre.

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