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Introduction to Thick Film Fine Line Printing Screens

B.P. Carr

Military and commercial hybrids, using high speed integrated circuits with increased input/output density, require low cost, high reliability thick film circuits providing…

New Composite Packaging

S. Keck, J. Leighton, R. Morgner

This paper describes some of the benefits of electronic packages manufactured from silicon carbide reinforced aluminium composites. The housings which were analysed and…

Bi/Pb‐Sr‐Ca‐Cu‐0 Based Thick Film Superconductors on Various Metal Substrates

M. Hrovat, S. Bernik, M. Rozman, D. Kolar

Thick film superconductors with the nominal composition Bi2Pb0.5Sr2Ca2.5Cu3.5Ox were fired on stainless steel substrates and on alumina substrates covered with silver or…

Observing the Percolation Effect in Thick Film Superconductors

R. Sali, G. Harsányi

A thick film superconductor paste has been produced to determine the properties of granulated superconductor materials and to observe the percolation effect. The base of…

Flexible Laser Tracing Systems for Defining Thin Film Hybrid Geometries

C. Arnone, C. Giaconia, C. Pace, M. Greco

A recent programme of technical collaboration between Alelco, DIE of Palermo and CRES of Monreale has led to the development and operative confirmation of a technique for…

Technology of Optical Waveguide Thick Films

Z. Keresztes‐Nagy, G. Harsányi

In the last few years many new types of light‐guiding optical film structures have been developed. Several applications have been published in the field of optical and…

A Reduction of a Thermal Model of Power Hybrid Circuits

A. Kos

The paper presents a two‐dimensional and three‐dimensional thermal model of the power hybrid circuit. Measurement of the accuracy of temperature computation using the…

The Effect of the Volume Fraction of Silver on the Thermal Resistance of Die Attach Adhesives

A. Bjomeklett, H. Kristiansen

A theory for the thermal resistance in adhesive joints between semiconductor dice and substrates has been developed. The theory takes into account the thermomechanical…

ISHM news

Miloš Somora, A.P. Hilley, H. Binner, Gábor Hársanyi, M.S. Vijayaraghavan, Tao Sung Oh, T. Laine‐ Ylijoki, P. Collander, Boguslaw Herod, Peter Barnwell, David Lowrie

‘Soldering and Cleaning in Electronics’ international conference, including an exposition, took place in Brno on 12–13 October 1993. The conference was organised by…


Industry news

George MacMahon has been appointed Product Manager for Thick Film Materials by W. C. Heraeus, Hanau, Germany, to further increase the company's business throughout Europe…

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