Microelectronics International: Volume 10 Issue 3


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Spin Coating with High Viscosity Photoresist on Square Substrates — Applications in the Thin Film Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuit Field

G. Carcano, M. Ceriani, F. Soglio

The importance of miniaturisation of hybrid microwave integrated circuits (HMICs) and the increasingly stringent demands on the line‐width control of conductor lines in…

Overlapping of Thick Film NTC Thermistors and Resistors: A Way to Optimise Laser Trimming of Narrow Tolerance NTC Thermistors

M. Hrovat, D. Belavič, A. Markošek

The direct overlapping of thick film NTC thermistors and resistors was attempted to enable the trimming of NTC thermistors to relatively narrow tolerances with little…

Hybrid Chemical and Physical Sensor Arrays

J.K. Atkinson

The University of Southampton has been active in the area of thick‐film sensors since their initial conception through to the present. Recent research at the university…

Simulation of Assembly Generated Constraints on Ceramic Capacitors during SMT Processing and Size Optimisation of the Capacitors by Design of Experiments

Y. Ousten, L. Bechou, N. Xiong

Present‐day electronics are shifting increasingly towards surface mounting technology (SMT) and hybrid technology (thick and thin film), which offer greater advantages due…

Flip‐chip Bonding on Green Tape Ceramic Substrates

E. Zakel, J. Kloeser, H. Distler, H. Reichl

Due to increasing density and high demands on electrical and thermal performance, modern packages require alternative chip interconnection and substrate technologies…

ISHM news

Dates: 23–24 March 1994 Venue: Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot, Paris The Fifth Microelectronics Salon (Hybrids, SMT, ASICs, Packaging) will take place on the above…


Geoff Griffiths

In his introduction to the proceedings, Jean Joly said that the accent in the selection of papers had been on the basis of applications and products rather than materials.

Industry news

Menvier Hybrids have strengthened their manufacturing capabilities by the appointment of Mike Kervell CEng FIEE as manufacturing manager, responsible for controlling…

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