Microelectronics International: Volume 10 Issue 1


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Planar Thick Film Varistors

O.S. Aleksić, P.M. Nikolić, T.D. Grozdić, Luković

Various thick film varistor constructions were made and characterised: ‘sandwich’, ‘interdigitated’ and ‘segmented’ varistors. The varistor active layer thickness, the…

Factors in the Establishment of a Power Hybrid Manufacturing Facility

G.W. Hill

As the hybrid market changes, many hybrid companies are being forced to adjust to reduced defence budgets and to the encroachment of epoxy board based SMT on traditional…

New High Yield, High Reliability Materials System for Silver Multilayer Construction

C.R. Pickering, W.A. Craig, M.F. Barker, J. Cocker, P.C. Donohue, G. Vanrietvelde

Complex mixed metallurgy multilayers require a very robust dielectric to withstand shorting or blistering effects, together with high density for long‐term reliability in…

Thick‐film Fine‐line Fabrication Techniques — Application to Front Metallisation of Solar Cells

A. Dziedzic, J. Nijs, J. Szlufcik

Different techniques applied for the fabrication of thick‐film fine lines have been analysed. The basics, achievements, advantages and disadvantages of improved screen…

Education in Hybrid Microelectronics: Part 2

J. Atkinson, K. Pitt, K. Williams

The University of Southampton Thick‐Film Unit (TFU) was originally established in the Department of Electronics in 1985 to service the requirements of a transducer…

Fabrication of High Density Multi‐chip Modules with Standard IC Production Equipment

B. De Meulemeester, A. Van Calster, A. De Bruycker, K. Allaert

Since the first appearance of high density interconnection systems about ten years ago, researchers have tried to exploit this concept to the full. By introducing new…

Vapour Phase Soldering and Removal of Flux Residues after Soldering in the Electronics Industry: Substitution of Organic Solvents

F. Sørensen, H.J. Styhr Petersen

When providing substitutes for CFC‐113 in processes such as vapour phase soldering and removal of flux residues after soldering in the electronics industry, it is also…

Hybrid Substrates for Power Electronic Applications: An Investigation of Thermal Resistance and Mechanical Stress

A. Bjorneklett, L. Halbo, H. Kristiansen, L.M. Nilsen, T. Storfossene, T. Tuhus

A new hybrid substrate technology for power electronic applications has been characterised by thermal resistance and mechanical stress measurements. The new substrate…

Design Constraints for the Use of Insulated Metal Substrates®

H. Fick

Power electronics used in consumer product assemblies require thermal management. Several current products rely on ‘printed wiring’ designs. These have copper patterns…

ISHM news

Barry George, M. Somora

On 8 October 1992 the ISHM‐Benelux Chapter organised a one‐day conference entitled ‘New Trends in Electronic Packaging and Interconnection’ which took place in the Holiday…

Industry news

Dave Lowrie

Self‐contained emergency lighting luminaires are mandatory in most countries for public buildings, offices and factories to ensure maximum safety in the event of a power…

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