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Ceramic‐Coated Copper Substrates for Hybrid Circuits

R. Kužel, J. Broukal, V. Bouše, Z. Votruba

Copper substrates covered with ceramic insulating coating were tested for their ability to be used in thick film technology. The ceramic coating was prepared by screen…

The Influence of Microcracks on the Temperature Dependence of Resistance in Ruthenium Based Thick Film Resistors

J.M. Kozlowski

This paper presents a computer model which describes the influence of microcracks on the temperature dependence of resistance in thick film resistors. The tunnelling…

Studies of Thick Film Thermistors

S.L. Fu, R.M. Chiou

Thick film thermistors based on the thermistor powder of the sintered ceramic thermistor, prepared from oxides of nickel, cobalt and manganese, were fabricated and…

Materials and Processes for Reliable Soldering of Chip Components

W. Leibfried

This paper outlines some general aspects of materials and processes for reliable soldering of chip components and presents some new results on testing of wettability and…

Performances of Thick Film Resistors with Reduced Dimensions

A. Bellardo, G. Lovati

The results of a characterisation carried out on thick film resistors (TFRs) with dimensions reduced below the usual limits are reported in this paper. The test vehicle…

Microelectronic Applications for Polymers: Structure‐Property Relationships

J.M. Rooney

The design of polymeric materials for microelectronic applications is based on the recognition that structural features in a polymer chain influence the physical…

Ageing Mechanisms and Stability in Thick Film Resistors

M. Coleman

Thermal ageing experiments on various thick film resistor systems have shown that resistance change is caused by a number of different mechanisms with different time…

Microwave Integrated Circuits on Alumina Substrate up to 20 GHz Frequency Range

A. Giavarini, G.P. Ferraris, F. Marconi

A line of thin film microwave integrated circuits (MICs) on alumina substrate in the microwave frequency range up to 20 GHz is presented. Technological aspects and…

A Method for Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis of Laser Drilled Thick Film Vias

J.J. Barrett, P.L. Moran

In order to evaluate laser drilled vias in thick film dielectric materials a method of sectioning twenty micron vias has been developed. The value of the sections is…

Hybrid Circuit Manufacture Using an Infra‐red Furnace and Standard Thick Film Materials: Part 2

D.W. Aitken, R.W. Pittson

A fast firing infra‐red furnace has been evaluated with a standard thick film resistor series at a belt speed of 10 inches/minute giving a door‐to‐door time of 11 minutes…

CTI and MEDL in Transatlantic Alliance

Brian Waterfield

Less than an hour from New York and just off the Long Island Freeway lies Farmingdale which, apart from containing a very large war cemetery, has a well ordered industrial…

Flexible In‐Line Robotic Microelectronic Assembly System: Universal Instruments Corporation, Binghamton, New York

The RHyMAS® In‐Line Robotic Hybrid Microelectronic Assembly System is a high volume, high speed component placement and verification system. It is capable of automatically…

ISHM news

G. Kersuzan, Nigel Batt, Brian Waterfield, Hamish Law, B. Herod, M.A. Whiteside, Nihal Sinnadurai

The International Electronic Components Show in Paris in November, 1983, provided the occasion for a very successful meeting of ISHM‐France which attracted 170 attendees…

New products

Spring Test Probe for Microcircuit Testing Coda Systems have announced the availability of a new range of spring test probes originating from their principal, Ostby and…

Industry news

Greenwood Electronics Makers of the Oryx range of soldering tools and equipment, Greenwood Electronics have recently appointed John Polden as Managing Director. Formerly…

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